Strike Out Hunger

The first annual IFC Strikeout Hunger Charity Softball Game took place in the late fall of 2015. Each year the event consists of UCA IFC fraternity members playing a softball game against the UCA Police Department. The game is being used to help raise funds and canned goods for the UCA Bear Essentials Food Pantry. The Food pantry is set up to benefit any UCA students, faculty or staff that need assistance in their household needs. The Food Pantry is located in Old Main, room 108. For further questions please contact  Food Pantry Coordinator Brian James at

The second annual game to be played in 2016 will be taking a new approach to the game. This year the UCA Fraternity team will consist of members from all 12 of the fraternies, spanning across 3 different councils. ( IFC, IGC, NPHC) This will give a chance for all of fraternities to come together and bond with each other as well as the UCA PD.


Past Strike Out Hunger Results


Kilimanjaro (1)


Investigators say the UCA Interfraternity Council (IFC) used under-inflated balls against the UCA Police Department (UCAPD) during the Strike-Out Hunger charity softball match Monday night. “…

Source: Investigators Report IFC Used Under-Inflated Balls in Softball Match Against UCAPD