General Council

Five members of the executive board standing behind a table with the IFC logo

2023 Executive Board

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the  governing body of the NIC fraternity chapters at UCA and every chapter has a voting representative. The council meets weekly and is lead by an Executive Board composed of a President and five officers.  The purpose of the UCA IFC is to:

A. provide a sovereign governance structure for its Member Fraternities;
B. Promote the interests of its Member Fraternities;
C. Promote the interests of men’s fraternities in general;
D. Discuss questions of mutual interest and present to its Member Fraternities;
E. Promote the interests of UCA;
F. Promote mutual cooperation between its Member Fraternities;
G. Promote mutual cooperation between the IFC, fellow governing councils, and student organizations at UCA;
H. Promote mutual cooperation between the IFC and UCA, its students, faculty, staff, and local community.