Active Chapters

UCA currently recognizes six (6) IFC fraternities.  Each organization offers a unique fraternal experience, you are encouraged to utilize the links below to research and connect with each organization.

ΒΥΧ – Beta Upsilon Chi
Chapter Designation: Alpha Gamma
Nickname: Bucks
Founded Nationally: 1985, University of Texas
Founded Locally: March 15, 2010
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KΣ – Kappa Sigma
Chapter Designation: Nu Kappa
Nickname: Kappa Sig
Founded Nationally: 1869, University of Virginia
Founded Locally: November 16, 1991
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 ΣΤΓ- Sigma Tau Gamma
Chapter Designation: Sigma
Nickname: Sig Tau
Founded Nationally: 1920, University of Central Missouri
Founded Locally: November 30, 1934 (Started as Owl Society in 1915)
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ΠΚΑ – Pi Kappa Alpha
Chapter Designation: Epsilon Phi
Nickname: Pike
Founded Nationally: 1868, University of Virginia
Founded Locally: February 22, 1963
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 ΣΝ – Sigma Nu
Chapter Designation: Lambda Phi
Nickname: Sig Nu
Founded Nationally: 1869, Virginia Military Institute
Founded Locally: December 15, 1990
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ΣΦΕ- Sigma Phi Epsilon
Chapter Designation: Arkansas Zeta
Nickname: SigEp
Founded Nationally: 1901, Richmond College
Founded Locally: March 19, 1988
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