All new IEP students take a placement test when they first arrive at UCA. The test is approximately 2 hours long and includes sections on listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing.  Based on the results of the placement test, students are placed in the appropriate level (beginning to high intermediate/advanced proficiency).

 IEP students take four core courses in their level and one mandatory vocabulary course.  Classes meet for 22 hours per week.

IEP Courses:
  • An integrated skills course at the low-beginning level, this course allows students to start building basic vocabulary and reading skills in preparation for taking IEP classes. Additionally, this course introduces students to the simple structures of English grammar and basic written expressions from the alphabet to simple sentences. Students in Basic will also begin developing listening comprehension and spoken vocabulary that will allow them to successfully communicate on campus and in class.
  • GRAMMAR –   This course focuses on the rules and structures of the English language with increasing complexity from beginning to advanced.
  • READING –  Content comprehension, and necessary skills and strategies are studied for academic purposes and personal enrichment at all levels.
  • LISTENING/SPEAKING – In this core IEP course, students focus on communication and listening comprehension skills.  Class discussion, oral presentations, conversation techniques and strategies, along with note-taking skills are practiced and developed.
  • WRITING – Students develop their use of written English from sentences to paragraphs to essays, along with learning to revise written work for content and edit for grammatical accuracy at each level.
  • VOCABULARY – This course develops vocabulary at all levels.  Starting with words for every day use, the course builds towards academic vocabulary mastery.



  • PRONUNCIATION – This course emphasizes production of discrete sounds and introduces intonation and stress, while allowing students to focus on individualized problems in pronunciation.
  • TOEFL -This course introduces students to the Test of English as a Foreign Language and provides practice with each section of the test. Students practice various question types, test-taking strategies, and strategies to reduce stress anxiety.
  • US CULTURE STUDIES – This IEP course for international student focuses on American cultural values, customs, and traditions in the university setting and society.