Graham Gillis

Associate VP of HR and Risk Management: Conflict Resolution, Grievances, Catastrophic Leave

Wingo Hall, Room 103

(501) 450-5051

Bridget Fortenberry

HR Associate Director: Payroll and Leave Supervisor, Position Control/PAFs

Wingo Hall, Room 106G

(501) 450-5053

Rhonda Roberts

Benefits Manager: Retirees, Dental, Health, Life & LTD and COBRA, ACA reporting

Wingo Hall, Room 106E

(501) 450-5052

Kim Hutchcraft

Employment Services and Risk Management Manager: New Employee Orientation, GAP, Dental and Health, Life, Applicant Tracking, and Onboarding, Background checks

Wingo Hall, Room 104

(501) 450-3243


HR Specialist: Concurrent Employment, Requisitions, Travel, Onboarding Data Entry for part-time employees and graduate assistants

Wingo Hall, Room 106

(501) 450-3181

Amber Wofford

HR Analyst-Benefits: Insurance Qualifying Events, Health and Dental, Supplemental Products, USAble Life, Retirement (TIAA, APERS, ATRS) Long-term Disability, Open Enrollment

Wingo Hall, Room 106C

(501) 450-3241

Taylor May

HR Analyst-Benefits: Cafeteria Plan, Flexible Spending, Qualifying Events, Health, Gap Claims, Vision, Dental and Open Enrollment

Wingo Hall, Room 106D

(501) 450-5054

Della Burrow

Senior Payroll Services Specialist: Payroll, W-4, Employment Verification, Garnishments, Child Support, FT Employee/GA/PT Faculty Assignments/Paychecks

Wingo Hall, Room 106I

(501) 450-5011

Kyana Smith

Payroll Services Specialist: Payroll, W-4, Employment Verification, Hourly & Student Employee Assignments/Time Sheets/Paychecks

Wingo Hall, Room 106I

(501) 450-3626

Rachel Hall

HR Analyst-Payroll: Payroll Disbursement, W-2s, Stop Payment/Reissues of Lost Checks, IRS, and Direct Deposit

Wingo Hall, Room 106B

(501) 450-5685

Jannette Nance

HR Generalist: Leave Reports, Compensatory Time, Proof of Prior Service, LWOP, HR Data & Reports

Wingo Hall, Room106H

(501) 450-3159

Rachel Massey

Leave Specialist: FMLA, Maternity Leave, Military Leave, Catastrophic Leave and Worker's Compensation

Wingo Hall, Room106F

(501) 852-2562

Tyra Phillips

Employment Services and Risk Management: Applicant Tracking, Job Postings, Performance Evaluations

Wingo Hall, Room 104

(501) 852-2662

Sarah Tuttle

Employment Services and Risk Management: New Employee Orientations, Data Entry for FT Employee, Web Directory, Address/Name changes, Fee Remission

Wingo Hall, Room 106J

(501) 852-0889

Valerie Nicholson

HR Data Manager: HR Data Security, Argos Reports, HR Website

Wingo Hall, Room 109

(501) 852-1215

Debby Leppin

HR Specialist: I-9 Compliance, Employee Disclosure, Finalize/Verify Data Entry of Hiring Process

Wingo Hall, Room 106B

(501) 852-2818