Southern & Arkansas Studies

Coordinator and Assistant Professor: Dr. Matkin-Rawn - Contact Info

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Southern and Arkansas Studies provides undergraduates with an opportunity to broaden their understanding of the unique culture, politics, history, and geography of Arkansas and the South.  Students can select from a rich variety of courses to explore key issues shaping Southern society such as race, economic development, religion, politics, migration, and the impact of Arkansas and the South on popular culture. Through the program, students also deepen their understanding of the development and impact of regional identity in its national and global contexts.

In addition to providing an interdisciplinary foundation of study in the humanities and social sciences, the Southern and Arkansas Studies program offers students training and opportunities for individualized learning experiences through independent research projects and internships.  As students learn about the South and Arkansas, they also acquire research and problem-solving skills vital to making their own contribution to our current understanding of our communities, state, and region.

Degree Requirements in the Undergraduate Bulletin (2014-2015)


Course Offerings for Fall 2014

19885    ANTH 3300     Regional Anthropology (The Ozarks)     3:00 - 3:30    MWF     Browne     Irby 202

19436    ENGL 4381    Major African and African American Writers   12:00 - 12:50   MWF    Leavell     Irby 304

19670    GEOG 3380    Geography in Arkansas    10:00 - 10:50   MWF    Pearson    Irby 311

19503    HIST 4346   The South since 1865    6:00 - 8:50    W    Matkin-Rawn     Irby 115

16980    HIST 4355  The Role of Arkansas in the Nation     6:00 - 8:50    M    Toudji     Irby 115

19564    HIST 4330    Civil War and Reconstruction   2:00 - 3:55    TR     Epps    Irby 122