Roger Pauly

Associate Professor

Irby 105C

(501) 450-3158



Curriculum Vitae

Roger Pauly received degrees from St. Olaf College, Villanova University, and the University of Delaware. Dr. Pauly is an eclectic scholar who has written on a variety of topics from Marcus Garvey to the Mau-Mau to Miami Vice (the greatest television series of all time). In theory he specializes in Victorian British History, but in practice his best known work has been on the history of guns, most notably Firearms: The Lifestory of a Technology (John Hopkins University Press, 2008). This book became the basis of a television program, “Warrior Weapons” which was Part I of the Ground War series (PBS, 2010). Dr. Pauly also served as an advisor and commentator on that program and went on to write further on firearms, largely because that is the only thing anyone knows him for. He hopes to change that dubious distinction with an upcoming graphic book currently in development with Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux of the Macmillan Group. This innovative work will explore the great debates of history through the eyes of a young woman studying pre-medicine. He currently teaches courses on World history, nineteenth century Europe, and imperialism.