Change Log

This file will record any substantive additions or modifications that are required after the publication of this issue of the Graduate Bulletin. Email if you have questions.

February 2018

♦ Corrected national recognition information for the Library Media and Information Technologies program (2018-02-13)

January 2018

♦ Corrected the course numbers for Thesis Research in health science, H SC 6V80, 6V90 (2018-01-30|jag)

February 2017

♦ Clarified number of hours allowed/required in various course categories within the Creative Writing program (2017-03-17|jag)

January 2017

♦ Corrected information about transfer credit and the residency requirement for the School Counseling program (2017-01-23, 2017-03-31|jag)
♦ Updated elective list for the MS in Instructional Technology (2017-01-12|jag)
♦ Updated School Counseling program description/requirements page (2017-01-12|jag)
♦ Updated §6 and §7.2 (program requirements) of the Educational Leadership program page, deleting certain specified student assessment requirements and changing required hours from “30 semester hours” to “a minimum of 30 semester hours” for the EdS (2017-01-12|jag)

November 2016

♦ Change MGIS non-thesis option requirements effective Spring 2017 (2016-11-22|jag)

October 2016

♦ Updated and reformatted details of Mental Health Counseling admission procedures and other details in the program description (2016-10-27|jag)
♦ Converted H SC 5365 and H ED 5665 to a single variable credit course (H ED 5V65) in the Health Education course page (2016-10-04|jag)

July 2016

♦ Updated Nursing programs accreditation status (2016-07-21|jag)
♦ Updated exit assessment provisions for the MSE in Reading (2016-07-07|jag)
♦ Added prerequisite requirement for the B–K endorsement and the GC in Integrated Early Childhood Education (B–K) (2016-07-07|jag)
♦ Updated exit assessment provisions for the MSE in Special Education (2016-07-07|jag)
♦ Updated the admission requirements for the MAcc, Accountancy (2016-07-07|jag)
♦ Change course title and description for PTHY 7360 (2016-07-07|jag)

June 2016

♦ Updated and corrected the freshman admission section of the Occupational Therapy program page (2016-06-08|jag)

May 2016

♦ Corrected the course number for Internship in Counseling in §§1.2.1 and 3.2.1 of the Psychology and Counseling page (2016-05-29|jag)

Page updated: February 13, 2018