Emergency Scholarship Request

UCA Foundation Emergency Scholarships are one-time only awards for UCA students who experience unexpected financial crisis or emergencies. Scholarships are issued as funds are available and are awarded in amounts up to $500.

Emergency scholarships are awarded for the current academic year only, are only for tuition and fees, and are not to be used for past due tuition and fees from previous semesters.

For consideration, students shall have completed one full semester at UCA, have a GPA of 2.5 or above, be in good academic standing and shall submit an on-line application.

Students must state specific details explaining their emergency circumstances and full aid being received by the student must be posted to their student account. Requests lacking this information will not be considered.

All applicants shall be notified by e-mail the status of their request.

For more information, please contact foundation@uca.edu.

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