B.S. in Exercise Science – Curriculum

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The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science Program

The Exercise Science program offers three degree offerings: the B.S. in Exercise Science, the B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Clinical Exercise Science, and the B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Pre-Athletic Training. The B.S. in Exercise Science is a generalist degree that provides flexibility in coursework to prepare students for their desired profession or career in exercise science, or related field, upon graduation. The Clinical Exercise Science concentration prepares students for careers working with clinically significant populations such as cardiopulmonary rehabilitation to address the needs within the state of Arkansas and the rest of the country for qualified clinical exercise specialists working with high risk individuals of cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, and cancer. The Pre-Athletic Training concentration prepares students for entry-level M.S. in Athletic Training.

Program Academic Maps

B.S. Exercise SciencePre-Athletic Training
2023-2024 AMAP2023-2024 AMAP
2022-2023 AMAP2022-2023 AMAP


Major in Exercise Science Core

Every student declared as an Exercise Science major is required to take the following:

EXSS Core Curriculum (18 hours)
EXSS 2340 Motor Development and Learning
EXSS 2381 Anatomical Kinesiology
EXSS 3303 Exercise Physiology
EXSS 3382 Biomechanics
EXSS 4320 Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance
EXSS 4395 Sport in American Society
Exercise Science Requirements (32 hours)
EXSS 1310 Introduction to Exercise Science
EXSS 2320 Fitness Assessments in Exercise Science
EXSS 3331 Care and Prevention of Exercise and Sports Injuries
EXSS 3348 Exercise Prescription for General Populations
EXSS 3350 Obesity Prevention and Management
EXSS 3352 Exercise Prescription for Special Populations
EXSS 3353 Exercise Prescription for Senior Populations
EXSS 4351 Sport and Fitness Administration
EXSS 4V99 Internship in Exercise Science
HED 2201 First Aid
 NUTR 1300 Foundations of Nutrition
Statistics Requirement (3 hours)
MATH 2311 Elementary Statistics, or
PSYC 2330 Psychological Statistics, or
 SOC 2321 Social Statistics
Psychology Requirement (3 hours)
PSYC 2370 Development Psychology, or
PSYC 3370 Sports Psychology, or
 PSYC 4320 Abnormal Psychology
Nutrition Requirement (3 hours)
NUTR 3370 Advanced Nutrition, or
 NUTR 4315 Sports Nutrition
Special Degree Requirements (6-8 hours)
 See Undergraduate Bulletin for required courses


*For admission information regarding the Clinical Exercise Science concentration, please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Non-Concentration Requirements

Every student declared as an Exercise Science major but not Clinical Exercise Science or Pre-Athletic Training is required to complete their degree with the following:

EXSS 4323 Group Exercise Leadership
EXSS 4376 Exercise Prescription for Athletic Populations

In addition to EXSS 4323 and 4376, select three from the following elective pool:

FACS 2341 Lifespan Development
HED 3325 Disease Management for Health Promotion
HED 4300 Community Health Problems
HED 4303 Environmental Health Problems
MGMT 2341 Principles of Management
MGMT 3305 Social Issues in Management
MGMT 3310 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
MKTG 2350 Basic Marketing


Clinical Exercise Science Concentration Requirements*

Students accepted into the Clinical Exercise Science concentration are required to complete their degree with the following:

BIOL 4351 General Pharmacology
EXSS 3355 Exercise Science Clinical Experience I
EXSS 4303 Clinical Exercise Physiology
EXSS 4355 Exercise Science Clinical Experience II
NUTR 3390 Nutrition and Metabolism


Pre-Athletic Training Concentration Requirements

Students accepted into the Pre-Athletic Training concentration are required to complete their degree with the following:

BIOL 4311 Pathophysiology
BIOL 4351 General Pharmacology
EXSS 3215 Athletic Training, A Health Care Profession
EXSS 4376 Exercise Prescription for Athletic Populations
PHYS 1405 Applied Physics or PHYS 1410 College Physics I