Seminar Resources

UCA employees routinely request resources from previous seminars. Click on any seminar resource below for specific PowerPoint presentations and handouts. If you do not see what you are looking for, email and we will provide the resources you need.

Workplace Harassment Prevention/Discrimination

Workplace Harassment 2022-23 PowerPoint.pptx
Promoting a Positive Professional Work Environment
Harassment Handout – Navigating Harassment 2022
Testing Your Workplace Harassment IQ.docx


Diversity – Civility (2016-17)
Civility & Communication in the Midst of Differences
Most Uncivil Classroom Behaviors

Diversity-Privilege (2017-18)
Privilege-What Does It Mean
Privilege -Exercises & Action Steps
Privilege-Inclusive Teaching

Diversity – Connecting to the World (2018-19)
Communicating with Limited English Speaking Staff
Helping Others Acculturate to U.S. Norms

Diversity – Language (2019-20)
Different Ways to Say the Same Thing
Direct Communication
Language Circle Activity
Language Definitions

Diversity – Race Matters (2020-21)
Race Matters Exercises
Race Matters Action Steps
Responding to Prejudice
Race Matters Terminology
Cultural Sources of Misunderstanding
Professional Responses to Racial Comments
Campus Diversity Statements
Where Do We Go From Here?

Diversity-Freedom of Speech, Diversity & Inclusion, Cancel Culture (2021-22)
Action Steps
Perspective Taking in the Workplace
Civility and Public Discourse
Identifying a Wise University
Core Values Exercise
Where I’m From Exercise
Formative Diversity Experiences

Diversity-Depolarizing the Conversation: Engaging in Challenging Dialogues (2022-23)
Seven Skills of Dialogue
Dialogue Discussions
Effective Dialogue
Identify and Build on Communication
I Think I Heard You Say
Helpful Dialogue Phrases
Critical Moment Dialogue
Fact versus Opinion
Faculty Handout