Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have already signed up for a Diversity or Title IX/Harassment onsite seminar, can I cancel and complete the online options instead?

Yes. But please email to cancel your space in the on-site seminar.

Can I come back to my online course assignment if I don’t complete it in one sitting?

Yes, but please note-A user needs to complete a course section in its entirety in order to have the credit saved for that particular section. If a user takes a break during a course, pause the module and return without closing out of it.

Who has to complete the assigned courses and what is required?

All employees of the University, full time and part time faculty, staff, student worker and graduate assistant need to complete the required educational seminars. The 2023-2024 required courses are: 

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
IT Browser Security Basics
Building Supportive Communities: Clery Act & Title IX
Camps on Campus: Keeping Minors Safe.

In addition to these courses, UCA New Hires will be required to complete the course FERPA: Confidentiality of Records.

Note: Your Vector Solutions account access will only be active while you are considered actively employed at UCA.  If you are a part-year employee, such as an adjunct employed during only one semester, you should complete all required assignments during the time period you are considered an employee of the University.

Will we have to do this every year?

Yes. There is a variation of the required courses each year. Employees are asked to be educated on important workplace laws, policies, and behaviors.

How do I access the online course assignments?

Log in instructions-

1. Access myUCA at and search for Vector Solutions
2. Click on the Vector Solutions tile
3. Select the Employees box
4. If prompted for log in, enter your UCA username and password
5. You will be redirected to your Vector Solutions training page

Vector Solutions will also send regular email reminders to the employee regarding the required assignments. The emails will stop once all required course assignments are completed.

Will I still have the option of attending onsite seminars?

Yes. Title IX/Harassment and Diversity are provided onsite. There are additional onsite seminars provided as well, although they are voluntary.

Do I have to print the completion certificate or send an email to show participation in the online programs?

No. HR and Employee Engagement & Enrichment will keep records of participation and completion. We do not require you to send a certificate of completion. HOWEVER– Some supervisors ask their employee to print the certificate to validate seminar completion. *Supervisors have access to completion reports via Vector Solutions. Contact the Office of Employee Engagement & Enrichment for instructions.

What if I complete the Diversity or Title IX/Harassment seminar onsite but my Vector Solutions account displays Diversity or Title IX/Harassment as incomplete?

When an employee attends the onsite seminars, the Office of Employee Engagement & Enrichment staff records participation and credits the employee on the Vector Solutions site. This process takes 2- 3 days. If you continue to see incomplete records and have attended the onsite seminar, please email and we will take care of the discrepancy.

Will I get paid if I complete the assignments outside of normal working hours?

No. The employee should complete the courses (onsite and online) during the employee’s shift and normal working hours. For online course assignments, if a computer is not available in that particular department, computers can be accessed in the UCA library.

Further questions? Contact Charlotte Strickland, Director of Employee Engagement & Enrichment at 852-2319 or Bridget Fortenberry Associate VP Human Resources at 450-5051.