Employee Training Policy

This policy applies to all UCA employees: Full-time and part-time faculty and staff, graduate students, student workers, and anyone else on the UCA payroll. Training requirements for employees are determined by a UCA administration team and individual campus units. Divisions, departments, or academic units may identify courses that are tailored to the activities of their specific areas, in addition to the required campus-wide courses. Required training is assigned annually.


Employees are the university’s most valuable resource.
Educational training plays a key role in affirming the institution’s values – Intellectual Excellence, Community, Diversity, and Integrity. In addition, the provided educational training clarifies expectations and responsibilities; minimizes the legal, financial, and physical risks for employees and the university; and further develops the employee professionally.

Roles and Responsibilities
The university is responsible for identifying, creating, and providing opportunities for training in support of the university’s mission and values.

Supervisors are responsible for assessing and communicating the training requirements of employees in their specific area. Role-specific training may be required in addition to the campus-wide courses. Supervisors share responsibility for ensuring that employees complete their training requirements within the specified time period. Supervisors must take appropriate action to ensure compliance among employees that they supervise.

Employees are responsible for understanding their obligations under this policy and ensuring that they are compliant with the policy.

*Newly hired employees are responsible for completion of training within ninety (90) calendar days from their date of hire. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that they do so.

Training Non-Compliance
Training participation and completion shall be considered part of an employee’s performance.  Employees that consistently and willfully fail to follow this policy are subject to a range of disciplinary action     .

Responsible Office(s):

University Compliance
Human Resources
Office of Employee Engagement & Enrichment