Writing Centers Research Project

Our Mission
The Writing Centers Research Project (WCRP) at the University of Central Arkansas conducts and supports research on writing center theory and practice and maintains a research repository of historical, empirical, and scholarly materials related to writing center studies.

Research Archives
The WCRP at the University of Central Arkansas maintains an archive of spoken memories and written records to preserve writing center history and facilitate scholars’ research.

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The current contents of the WCRP Archive can be found on this Google Sheet.

Oral Histories
The WCRP collects and archives oral interviews with historically significant writing center professionals, including those instrumental in founding early centers, in developing the National Writing Centers Association, and those who participated in other important ways in the development of writing centers. The interviews are housed at the University of Central Arkansas archives in both audio-taped and transcribed versions and are available for scholarly research.

WCRP Completed Oral Histories

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Conducting Oral Histories

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WCRP Survey
The WCRP Survey is conducted by Harry Denny at The Purdue Writing Lab. Contact him at hdenny@purdue.edu for more information. This biannual survey is designed to gather data about as many writing centers as possible, using consistent definitions for many commonly used writing center terms. The items on the survey reflect information frequently requested by writing center personnel as they seek benchmarks for their reports and for planning.

Contact Information
Carey Smitherman Clark
C/O UCA Center for Writing & Communication
Thompson Hall, 109
201 S. Donaghey Ave.
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