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Professor Resources

The Center for Writing and Communication (CWC) provides a variety of services that can be beneficial for your students. View our Faculty Outreach Flyer that explains how we can help you help your students. Feel free to use this resource as you wish.

Class Visits & Tours

CWC tutors can visit your classes to give a 5-10 minute talk about the ways students can use CWC services to help them improve their writing. Also, your class can visit the CWC for a tour and explanation of available services. Call 450-5123 or email  to set up a time.

In-Class Workshops

CWC tutors can also come to your class to deliver workshops on various writing or presentation issues, as well as other techniques at your request. Example workshop topics include documentation, brainstorming, outlining, presentation confidence, thesis statements, development, research strategies, organization schemes, grammar, and revision techniques.

We work with you to develop workshop topics that fit the needs of your students.

A complete list of workshops that we offer can be found here: Center for Writing and Communication Workshops

Virtual Workshops

We now have virtual video workshops available over Chicago, MLA, and APA documentation styles. You can find these on our YouTube Channel.

Assignment Specific Tutoring

If you email a copy of the assignment sheet or rubric that you are using for the semester to, we will look over it and keep it to reference when students come in for sessions.

You can also email us to set up a time to come and explain your assignment and what you really want tutors to focus on during one of our weekly staff meetings.