CWC Behavior Policy

At the CWC, we strive to make each client’s experience as productive as possible. Therefore, we ask that you make yourself aware of the following policies:

UCA Center for Writing & Communication Behavior Policy

  • Students are to respect tutors, other students, and the CWC space and are not to disturb the learning environment of others.
  • Students will be dismissed from the CWC and may be suspended from using the CWC if they exhibit unacceptable behavior. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, speaking disrespectfully to the staff, tutors, and/or other students, harassing another person in the CWC, exhibiting violent behavior, or deliberately damaging CWC property.
  • Students should silence cell phones and any other electronic notification devices during all interactions with CWC staff.
  •  Sessions that are not productive can be terminated at the tutor’s discretion.
  • Students must present their own writing and/or presentation. If it is a group project, all group members must be present. If it is an online appointment for a group project, the email addresses of all group members must be provided.
  • Students may not schedule an appointment within two hours of the assignment submission deadline.
  • Whenever possible, students should make appointments for tutoring two to four days prior to the day and time desired for their session. Students should cancel their session one hour in advance if they will not be able to attend.
  • Students who miss three scheduled sessions in one semester will lose appointment scheduling privileges for the rest of that semester.
  • Students arriving more than ten minutes late forfeit the appointment and are considered a no-show. For email appointments, students should attach and send their work before the session. Work that hasn’t been attached by ten minutes into the session will not be reviewed during that time.
  • Students can only schedule one session per day, unless otherwise approved by a CWC staff member, and all tutoring sessions are 30 minutes. The only exception is for Praxis or GRE practice sessions, which are 60 minutes. Multiple appointments will be cancelled by CWC staff.
  • Students should bring the following (when available) with them when arriving for an appointment:
    • The assignment sheet
    • The text on which the assignment is based
    • Any other brainstorming, outlines, drafts, etc. they have done prior to the session
  • Tutors cannot be responsible for final proofreading.
  • Students may occasionally receive recommendations and instructions in the CWC that contradict those of their instructor. In these instances, the policies and procedures of the course instructor are the default position.