About Us

c t e mission statement

CTE collaborates with campus partners to create a learning community that drives innovative, high-impact teaching and learning and equips faculty to thrive professionally and personally.


our core values

  • Collaboration – We facilitate connections to transcend disciplinary boundaries and develop relationships that produce meaningful teaching and learning outcomes.
  • Diversity – We foster an inclusive community of faculty that grapples with and addresses the unique needs and challenges of UCA faculty and students.
  • Impact – We provide relevant, responsive programming to advance faculty and student growth.


strategic priorities

  1. Establishes top-of-mind recognition among faculty related to the potential for CTE’s offerings to address felt needs and development opportunities.
  2. Strengthens the quality and depth of CTE’s programming and services.
  3. Consults with faculty in the design and delivery of high-quality programs and courses across all modalities.
  4. Welcomes and develops new faculty personally and professionally.


c t e program outcomes

In support of teaching excellence, faculty who participate in CTE programming will:

  1. Apply instructional strategies that foster high-impact teaching and learning.
  2. Collaborate across areas of the university to strengthen instructional quality.
  3. Develop approaches to more effectively navigate issues related to diversity.
  4. Implement methods to thrive personally and professionally.