Shamal Sullivan








Name: Shamal Sullivan (he/him)

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science (University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas, USA)

Area(s) of Campus Involvement: Previous Student-Athlete (Track); Current Housing & Residence Life


Q: What are your current career plans upon having completed your Master of Science in College Student Personnel Administration?
A: “I want to be a mentor/resource for the next generation of students.”


Q: Share one “aha moment” you have had thus far while in the CSPA program.
A: “The Research Methods and the Diversity in Higher Education courses have helped me discover how important sense of belonging is for students on campus.”


Q: What inspired you to enter the field of higher education as a future career?
A: “I’ve seen so many people be close to the finish line but come up short. I want to be the encourager to my future students and staff because they may not have anyone in their life who can see the bigger picture.”


Q: What is your favorite class in the CSPA program, and why?
A: “Individual and Group Counseling Skills in Education. This class allows you to learn tips and tricks on how to handle conversations. We love a great listener and someone who can help steer the student in the correct direction if needed.”


Q: Share one experience in the CSPA program that you have enjoyed.
“Taking that first law exam and celebrating with my classmates. It was blessing to share smiles, laughter, and tears in this class. A class that sticks together will succeed together. We will always be proud of one another accomplishments.”


Q: What advice would you share with people interested in studying about and receiving training in higher education?
“You might as well give it a shot because you’re reading my bio! This program is very welcoming and flexible, so start the next steps with Dr. Faidley or Dr. Bruick. Trust me, I promise you will not regret this decision!”