Program Requirements

The program integrates theory with practice by combining academic preparation with field-based experiences and internships. The program also provides students access to graduate-level instruction from faculty with diverse backgrounds, including field practitioners.

The academic program requires the completion of 42 semester hours of graduate credit. Additionally, a written comprehensive examination or thesis is required for graduation competency requirements.

Degree Plan

Fall I

CSPA 6310 History of American Higher Education
LEAD 6330 Counseling Process and Skills
CSPA 6391 Principles and Practices
 in Student Affairs

Spring I

LEAD 6321 Research Methods
CSPA 6360 Diversity in Higher Education
CSPA 6365 Practicum
CSPA 6392 Student Development Theory

Summer I

CSPA 6370 Internship
LEAD 6390 Special Topics – Study Abroad

Fall II

LEAD 6320 Counseling Theories
CSPA 6320 Law in Higher Education
CSPA 6325 Assessment in Student Affairs
CSPA 6V95 Thesis (thesis track)

Spring II

CSPA 6311 Leadership & Supervision
CSPA 6318 Budgeting and Finance
CSPA 6340 Career Advising (non thesis track)
CSPA 6V95 Thesis (thesis track)