Roses Brown








Name: Roses Brown (she/her)

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with minors in Psychology and Religion (University of the Ozarks, Clarksville, Arkansas, USA)

Area(s) of Campus Involvement: Housing & Residence Life



Q: What have you learned about yourself through your time at UCA and the CSPA program?
“I have learned about community. The CSPA program has opened my eyes to better understanding what it means to belong in a community of hard-working graduate students who support each other in hopes of supporting students in the future. I have learned to exercise patience and grace. I believe in the culture and family of student affairs and the impact it has in higher education.”


Q: What advice would you share with people interested in studying about and receiving training in higher education?
“Being open. I believe it stems from passion, but when it becomes challenging it takes bravery and commitment, it all goes back to that support and opportunity for development through faculty and fellow classmates.”