Madison Evans








Name: Madison Evans (she/her)

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Arts in Criminology (Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi, USA)

Area(s) of Campus Involvement: Housing & Residence Life


Q: What are your current career plans upon having completed your Master of Science in College Student Personnel Administration?
A: “My current career plan upon completing my master’s is to work for a Housing Department at a R1 institution for 3-5 years. After those years, I would like to work for the FBI and utilize my undergraduate degree.”


Q: Share one “aha moment” you have had thus far while in the CSPA program.
A: “One of my AHA moments was towards the end of the first semester in the Student Development Theory course. I reflected on the way I hold conversations with my staff in their 1:1’s and asking them about their plans once they graduate. Reflecting on that after Dr. Bruick’s lesson, I realized that starting the conversation is okay but allowing them to lead the conversation is best. I can’t force them to make a plan, but I can assist them and be a resource to them.”


Q: What inspired you to enter the field of higher education as a future career?
A: “Former supervisors inspired me to enter the field of higher education. As an introverted student trying to find their sense of belonging on a big university campus their support, advise, and mentorship allowed me to see the type of leader I wanted to be for others.”


Q: What is your favorite class in the CSPA program, and why?
A: “My favorite class is Law of Higher Education. Being in this class makes me feel like I am back in undergrad sitting in my criminology classes. I love learning about the different laws and how they are applied to my everyday work. I told my professor that I feel like I could be the next Agent Hotchner [from Criminal Minds]!!”


Q: What have you learned about yourself through your time at UCA and the CSPA program?
“I have learned that I have niche for working in higher education. Although the field can be stressful during those high-volume times, it is amazing work. I love working with students and knowing the role I play in making their experience a great one.”


Q: What advice would you share with people interested in studying about and receiving training in higher education?
“My advice to those that are interested is to go into the field because it is something that you want to do and not because someone told you that you should do it. This field is exciting but can be stressful at times, so the joy you should have while doing the job you love, won’t be there if you aren’t fully committed.”