Leslie Knox








Name: Leslie Knox (she/her)

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science in Sociology, with a minor in Psychology (University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas, USA)

Area(s) of Campus Involvement: Financial Aid, Enrollment Management
E-mail: lknox@uca.edu


Q: What are your current career plans upon having completed your Master of Science in College Student Personnel Administration?
A: “My current career plans upon completing my Master of Science in College Student Personnel Administration will be to explore leadership roles within higher education and expand my service to students through teaching and mentorship.”


Q: What is your favorite class in the CSPA program, and why?
A: “It is hard to say which class has been my favorite because all the courses have been impactful to me. However, I really enjoy Principles and Practices because Dr. Bruick has a unique way of facilitating lively class discussions. I learn so much and gain a different student perspective each time! I look forward to this class every week.”


Q: Share one experience in the CSPA program that you have enjoyed.
“This semester, I was given the opportunity to share a ‘#TeachableMoment’ lesson facilitation through Dr. Faidley’s Student Development Theory course. When I received the assignment, I was so intimidated by the task; however, I scheduled a one-on-one with Dr. Faidley, and he explained it so well to me that I was excited about understanding it! When it was time to share my ‘#TeachableMoment’ lesson, I felt confident, prepared, and creative. I was proud to have a lot of mini ‘aha’ moments throughout the presentation for all who listened. I was able to connect with my colleagues in the room and I discovered something new about me… I CAN DO THIS.”


Q: Describe the UCA learning and community experience.
A: “The UCA learning and community make a close-knit family experience. I feel the faculty takes time to get to know you and then provide good sound advice and direction. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to continue to grow professionally in this supportive setting.”


Q: How do you help others in their higher education journey?
“My area of expertise is in federal financial aid. My passion is to break down financial barriers that may cause a student to not continue to pursue higher education.”


Q: What advice would you share with people interested in studying about and receiving training in higher education?
“Being a part of the CSPA program has been one of the best professional investments I have made for myself. My critical thinking is changing, my social skills are strengthening, and my emotional intelligence is expanding due to the learning opportunities presented by the College Student Personnel Program at the University of Central Arkansas.”