Kenzie Dean








Name: Kenzie Dean (she/her)

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas, USA)

Area(s) of Campus Involvement: Housing & Residence Life


Q: What are your current career plans upon having completed your Master of Science in College Student Personnel Administration?
A: “After completion of my master’s degree, I would like to move outside of Arkansas and begin a new life. I was born and raised here in Arkansas and have lived here my entire life. This master’s degree is my ticket out of Arkansas where I will find an institution and continue to serve students on campus.”


Q: Share one “aha moment” you have had thus far while in the CSPA program.
A: “An ‘aha moment’ that I have had was that as a student affairs professional, I will serve students while being my true, authentic self. This means that there is no ‘here is what a practitioner looks like’ and instead is ‘what does being a practitioner look like for you?’”


Q: What inspired you to enter the field of higher education as a future career?
A: “In my undergrad, I realized my senior year that the degree I was graduating with was something that I didn’t want to do as a career. My Residence Coordinator at the time helped me apply for the CSPA program and I felt welcomed, seen, and like I belonged.”


Q: What is your favorite class in the CSPA program, and why?
A: “So far, my favorite class in the CSPA program is Counseling Skills with Dr. Faidley. In class I feel the most authentic as I have ever felt. I also take what I learn and apply it when I meet with students.”


Q: Share one experience in the CSPA program that you have enjoyed.
“I had a really fun internship experience at Texas Tech University. I also keep in touch with my practicum supervisor, and we occasionally have lunch together. I love how the program encourages students to make lasting connections with those we work with.”

Q: How has your field experience from your campus involvement through assistantship, practicum, and/or internship prepared you to work in the higher education enterprise?
A: My assistantship is in Housing and Residence Life, and I currently serve as the Residence Coordinator at Bear Village. I have gained so much knowledge about working with students, mixing and applying strategies from different theories, but more so what all of this looks like for ME, Kenzie Dean.”