Charlotte Anokye








Name: Charlotte Anokye (she/her)

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Education in Management, with a minor in Accounting (Valley View University, Accra, Ghana)

Area(s) of Campus Involvement: Student Success



Q: What are your current career plans upon having completed your Master of Science in College Student Personnel Administration?
A: “I plan on becoming a student affairs coordinator or diversity manager.”


Q: What inspired you to enter the field of higher education as a future career?
A: “Making a difference in people’s life and also engaging with a diverse community.”


Q: What is your favorite class in the CSPA program, and why?
A: “History in American Higher Education, because this course gives me the overview of the American education system and it historical backgrounds.”


Q: How has your field experience from your campus involvement through assistantship, practicum, and/or internship prepared you to work in the higher education enterprise?
A: “My assistantship at Student Success (Tutoring Center) gives me the chance to help in developing new teaching methods by observing tutors and find better ways to engage and support student better their grades.”


Q: What have you learned about yourself through your time at UCA and the CSPA program?
“The CSPA program has led me to know more effective and inclusive educational practices.  It also allows me to play a part in shaping a better future for myself.”


Q: What advice would you share with people interested in studying about and receiving training in higher education?
“Higher education institutions provide ample opportunities for collaboration and networking.”