Summary of Requirements

Approved by the UCA Board of Trustees, 9 February 1996

The Program: A maximum of forty-seven hours distributed over ten categories. Additions to previous general education programs include an oral communications course and a new category, World Cultural Traditions. A graduation requirement of six hours of courses designated as writing and speaking intensive (three hours of each) is added. Students will also need to demonstrate computer literacy prior to graduation. Each category has a specified credit hour requirement.

As new and existing courses are approved for the general education program, they will be listed.


6 Hours

WRTG 1310, Introduction to College Writing, and

WRTG 1320, Academic Writing and Research

Note: A student must enroll in WRTG 1310 and 1320 during the first two semesters of attendance unless the requirement has been previously met.


Oral Communication 

3 Hours

SPCH 1300, Basic Oral Communication



3 Hours

MATH 1360, Mathematics in Society, or

MATH 1390, College Algebra, or

a higher-level mathematics course


American History & Government

3 Hours

HIST 2301, American Nation I, or

HIST 2302, American Nation II, or

PSCI 1330, US Government and Politics


Fine Arts

3 Hours

ART 2300, Art Appreciation, or

MUS 2300, Music Appreciation, or

THEA 2300, Theatre Appreciation


Natural Sciences

8 Hours

Note: Both courses must include a laboratory.

4 hours minimum required

BIOL 1400, General Biology, or

BIOL 1440, Principles of Biology, and

4 hours minimum required

CHEM 1400, Chemistry in Society, or

PHYS 1400, Physical Science for General Education, or above, or

PHYS 1401, Descriptive Astronomy


Health Studies

3 Hours

HED/KPED 1320, Concepts of Lifetime Health and Fitness


World Cultural Traditions

9 Hours

3 hours minimum required

HIST 1310, World History I, or

HIST 1320, World History II

3 hours minimum required

ENGL 2305, World Literature I, or

ENGL 2306, World Literature II

3 hours minimum required

ENGL 2305, World Literature I, or

ENGL 2306, World Literature II, or

FYFS 1310, First Year Seminar: Studies in World Cultural Traditions, or

HIST 1310, World History I, or

HIST 1320, World History II, or

RELG 1320, World Religions, or

PHIL 1330, World Philosophies, or

WLAN/WRTG 2350, World Languages, or

WLAN 1310, Intro. to African & African American Studies

Note: A course may only be used once to satisfy the general education requirements. Other courses may be developed to fulfill this area.



3 Hours

ENGL 2370, Introduction to Fiction, or

ENGL 2380, Introduction to Poetry, or

ENGL 2390, Introduction to Drama, or

WLAN 2315, Cultural Studies, or

FYFS 1301, First Year Seminar: Studies in Humanities, or

PHIL 1301, Philosophy for Living, or

PHIL 2305, Critical Thinking, or

PHIL 2325, Contemporary Moral Problems, or

PHIL 2360, Race, Class, and Gender: Philosophical Issues


Behavioral & Social Sciences

6 Hours

Note: Courses must be selected from two disciplines.

ECON 1310, Modern Political Economy

ECON 2310, Global Environment of Business

GEOG 1305, Principles of Geography

PSCI 1330, US Government and Politics

PSCI 2300, International Relations

PSYC 1300, General Psychology

SOC 1300, Principles of Sociology

SOC 1302, Anthropology

Total Hours: 47