Purpose Statement

The General Education program is being revised as the UCA Core. To see the new statement of mission and core values, see UCA Core.

The purpose of the General Education Program at UCA is

  1. to enable students to have or to know where to locate the information they need to make informed decisions and hold responsible opinions about their lives and the relationship of their lives to the world in which they live;
  2. to help students develop intellectual skills, practical skills, and emotional and aesthetic sensitivities–that is, to prepare them to think, to feel, and to act competently in a complex, diverse, and constantly changing world; and
  3. to help students understand the values inherent in their culture and to be aware of other cultural traditions, values, and beliefs.

In fulfilling these general purposes, the program seeks to prepare students to be lifelong learners with the intellectual and emotional skills–the adaptability–to tackle the great changes they will undoubtedly experience during their adult lives; and to recognize the connectedness of human life and develop a sense of how humanity’s diverse pursuits relate to one another.