First-Year Seminars: Overview

All students must take a course designated as a First-Year Seminar (FYS) in their first year (30 credit hours) at UCA. (Transfer students with more than 30 hours of transfer credit are not be required to take an FYS.)

First-Year Seminar courses provide a highly interactive, small-class learning environment for entering freshmen. Students will work together in small groups to develop skills in team work and written communication as well as knowledge in one other Core area (Diversity, Critical Inquiry, or Responsible Living) as it applies to the intellectual subject matter of the course. Students will also learn about the importance of general education and its place in a college education and the way general education is structured at UCA. In addition, these courses offer support for the unique needs of first-year students, providing discussions about issues such as effective study skills and exam preparation as well as orientation information about the comprehensive services UCA provides to support students.

The purpose of an FYS course at UCA is to provide students with an exemplary academic experience as an introduction to collegiate life at UCA.

As an introduction to collegiate life, an FYS experience should connect first-year students to the university, namely, their peers, faculty, colleges, departments, and resources. In addition, as part of an introduction to the university, students shall be provided with resources and guidance with respect to these resources in order to promote their success as college students at UCA.

Students provided with an intimate, dedicated learning environment will succeed. FYS courses are designed with student success in mind.