Mission Statement

Channel 6 is both a cable channel designation on the City of Conway Cable Television System and the proper name of the television station at the University of Central Arkansas that uses that channel number. Channel 6 is the face of UCA most accessible to the general public. It is funded in part by the Student Fine and Performing Arts Fee, and is operated and programmed by UCA students under the auspices of the School of Communication in the College of Fine Arts and Communication.

Channel 6 offers arts, sports, and informational programming to a large student audience and to the general audience in Conway. In providing this service to the community, Channel 6 affords exceptional opportunities for UCA students to learn the arts and crafts of television broadcasting by actually performing the tasks that will be required of them when they later work in the industry. While learning the finer points of covering arts and sports events, gathering and presenting the news, and producing public affairs presentations, they are providing programming to their audience that may not be available from other sources. Channel 6 is in a unique position to

  1. Promote the arts by:- fostering an interest in the arts among students,- making the arts that are available on campus accessible to the larger community,

    – preserving Arkansas arts and culture, and

    – offering a stage to new and upcoming talent;

  2. Provide UCA sports coverage;
  3. Provide a forum for discussion of issues related to the campus and the local community; and
  4. Cooperate with other public educational institutions in Conway to ensure educational access.