Instructional Practices for Spring 2021

The Fall 2020 semester has been one both students and faculty at UCA will never forget; it has changed the way we look at both teaching and learning. Students and faculty have both struggled through different areas during this semester; however, through all of the hardships, the resilience and perseverance of everyone at UCA has been incredible to behold. During the Fall 2020 semester, various working groups at UCA collaborated to discover how to overcome the challenges both students and faculty faced for Spring 2021 and beyond.

UCA Spring 2021 Instructional Principles and Strategies (PDF)

With the move to online during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned a lot about how to best approach the new instructional models. This document, created by the Instructional Models Working Group, led by Dr. Jen Talbot, will give faculty guiding principles and instructional strategies to help equip them for an even more successful semester moving forward.

Bears Care Student Focus Group Study (PDF)

During the final weeks of the Fall 2020 semester, a Bears Care Student Focus Group Study, led by Dr. Amy Hawkins, was charged with finding out how students are doing both academically and personally. The study, consisting of 24 focus group sessions, met with students from all areas and levels to determine what worked for them both synchronously and asynchronously and how faculty and staff can better support them moving forward. This PDF document will go in-depth on the study and will help faculty and staff get a better understanding of how UCA students are handling this unforgettable year thus far.