Global Learning Institute Application – International

Global Learning Institute Application - International

  • List your teaching responsibilities for the upcoming academic year.
  • COIL Teaching Collaboration Project

    COIL requires two faculty members to work to build a common class unit lasting between 5 and 12 weeks in courses with a common disciplinary or thematic focus. Before the June 17th institute, the Office of International Engagement will contact our international partner universities to match interested faculty abroad in various disciplines to faculty at UCA. Answering the following questions will help us in this process. If you already know a colleague at the University of Central Arkansas, you are welcome to propose a partnership with that colleague. English is normally the expected language of communication unless the COIL involves foreign language instruction.
  • Please share what you hope to gain from your participation in the Summer Global Learning Institute. In your response, address how your involvement will benefit your students and your department.
  • I understand that joining the Summer Global Learning Institute requires a significant time commitment. If selected, I agree to the attendance requirements and commit to ongoing participation throughout the academic year. If I am unable to meet all of the Institute requirements, I understand that I may not be eligible for receiving a stipend.