P14 – Business & Industry

Photo Collection 14 contains images relating to the business and industrial history of Arkansas. Images cover topics such as saw milling, blacksmithing, retailing, mining, and other business-related scenes; however, farm scenes are not included, nor are other scenes which more appropriately fit into another photo subject heading.

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1.Little Rock Telephone Company operators, Pulaski County, Ark. c. 1907. (3.5″x5″) NEGATIVE.

2. Little Rock Telephone Company interior, Pulaski County, Ark. c. 1907 (3′-2″x5″) NEGATIVE.

3. Cotton Gin, Lawrence County, Ark. c. 1890.(3-2″x5″).

4. Cotton Gin, Clover Bend, Lawrence County, Ark. c. 1890.(5″x7″).

5. Adams Field Waste water Treatment Plant, Little Rock, Pulaski County, Ark. 1978.(8″x 10″).

6. Fort Smith Lumber Company. Plainview, Yell County, Ark. c. 1910.(8″x10″) NEGATIVE.

7. A. L. Clark Lumber Company. Glenwood, Pike County, Ark. c. 1922.(8″x10″) NEGATIVE.

8. Saginaw Lumber Company on Ouachita River. South of Malvern, Hot Springs County, Ark. c. 1900.(8″x10″) NEGATIVE.

9. Double Band Saw Mill. Rosboro, Clark County, Ark. c. 1920.(8″x 10″) NEGATIVE.

10. Caddo Lumber Company coupons. Forester, Scott County, Ark. c. 1937. (8″ x 10″) NEGATIVE.

11. Section Crew, Caddo River Lumber Company, Montgomery County, Ark. C. 1925.(8″x 10″) NEGATIVE.

12. Moving logs from woods to railroad line near Mauldin, Montgomery County, Ark. c.1930. (8″x10″). NEGATIVE.

13. Caddo River Limber Company Log Train en route to mill at Rosboro. Logging Superintendent L.D. Williams atop logs. c.1913. (8″x10″). NEGATIVE.

14. Sawmill workers, Dierks Lumber and Coal Company. Forester, Scott County, Ark. c.1930. (8″x10″). NEGATIVE.

15. Employee Residence, Caddo River Lumber Company. Mauldin, Montgomery County, Ark. c.1930. (8″x10″). NEGATIVE.

16. Moving a log camp, Caddo River Lumber Company. Ouachita Mountains, Ark. c.1928. (8″x10″). NEGATIVE.

17. Bemis Sawmill. Rosboro, Clark County, Ark. c.1910. (8″x10″). NEGATIVE.

18. Small Sawmill near Mean, Polk County, Ark. c.1910. (8″x10″). NEGATIVE.

19. Log hauler near Hatfield, Polk County, Ark. 1914. (8″x10″). NEGATIVE.

20. Drying yard, Walkner-Hopkins Lumber Company. Moyer, Oklahoma. c.1912. (8″x10″). NEGATIVE.

21. Kierks Lumber Mill. Dierks, Howard County, Ark. (3 1/2″x5 1/2″). Postcard.

22. Coffey’s Lumber Mill. Black Rock, Lawrence County, Ark. c.1900. (6 1/2″x10″).

23. Coffey’s Lumber Mill. Black Rock, Lawrence County, Ark. c.1900. (8″x10″).

24. Harve Smith’s Blacksmith Shop. Black Rock, Lawrence County, Ark. c.1900. (8″x10″).

25. Mine shaft. Black Rock, Lawrence County, Ark. c.1900. (8″x10″).

26. Roy Williams at machine cutting pearl button blanks from Black River mussel shells. Black Rock, Lawrence County, Ark. c.1950. (8″x10″).

27. Sawmill near Sedgwick. Sedgwick, Lawrence County, Ark. c.1880. (8″x10″).

28. Hamilton Hardware Store. Argenta (now North Little Rock), Pulaski County, Ark. c.1910. (5″x7″).

29. McKaskle Blacksmith Shop. Conway, Faulkner County, Ark. c.1900. (8″x10″).  NEGATIVE.

30. Marzavine W. Bizzell Store, Des Arc, Prairie County, Ark. c.1910. (5″x7″).

31. Laser’s Mdse., Clarksville, Johnson Co., Ark. c. 1908. (3 3/4′ x 5 3/4′). Post card advertisement.

32. F. H. Hartshorn, 2nd. Vice President and General Manager of Fourche River Lumber Co, Fourche, Perry Co., Ark. 1905. (3 3/4′ x 3 7/8′ oval).

33. Blass Building Restoration, Fourth and Main St., Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ark. (4 1/4′ x5 1/2′). 1973.

34. Worthern Bank Building, Markham and Louisiana St., Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ark. 1877.

35. Master Plumbers Convention, Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., Ark. April 12, 1897. (8″ x 10″).

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