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Night in Little Rock

Dear Friends,

Attached is a brochure titled “Night in Little Rock” created by the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce. There are 13 images of Little Rock taken at night around 1915.  There is no specific date on the brochure, but the Arkansas State Capitol building was completed in 1915 and on the back page are some statistics that include gin receipts for cotton during the 1910-1911 season.  Additionally, the population shows to be 65,000.

It was the 1920 census that showed Little Rock to have slightly more than 65,000.  The population was only 45,941 in 1910.  So, I believe the brochure was made no sooner than 1915 because of the Capitol, and was probably made before 1920.  I gave it the circa date of 1915.

As you will note there is a mixture of horse and buggy, automobile and trolley car transportation.  There are more horse drawn carriages than there are automobiles. The horse drawn carriages also were illuminated. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing some of these century old photographs of Little Rock.

“Night in Little Rock” Brochure