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UCA’s First Homecoming

Dear Friends,

The attached article is about the first homecoming in the United States and the first homecoming at UCA.  Please keep in mind that in 1927, UCA was Arkansas State Teachers College, and the writers of The Echo and Log Cabin Democrat, used only part of the name at times.  For instance, you might find it written as State Teachers College or Arkansas Teachers College – when the real name was Arkansas State Teachers College.  The acronym that was used officially was ASTC.  However, you will find it at times as ATC or as A.T.C.

Also you will see that in some editorials or articles contained in this article, the word Homecoming is capitalized and other times it’s not capitalized and at times it is two words – home coming – instead of one word.

Please note UCA’s first Homecoming Queen’s photograph on the last page of the article.  In regard to fashion and overall look, her photograph fits perfectly with someone from the late 1920s.

I hope you enjoy stepping back in time for a few minutes; when radio was in its infancy, television was only in its early experimental stage, manual typewriters were the ubiquitous standard business machine, and electronic computers and cell phones were still in the distant future.

From the UCA Archives XXXIII