Assessment is vital to foster student learning and satisfaction by providing direction for the work done in the Division of Student Services.  ‘Outcome-based’ Assessment results in the documentation needed for planning, goal achievement and program improvement at the department, unit and division levels.


  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive divisional assessment strategy including reporting format and process
  2. Foster a culture of assessment across the division, resulting in informed planning and decision-making
  3. Monitor and ensure that all levels of the organizational structure have plans for assessing core services, effectively documenting and continually improving policies, practices, programs and services based on results.


The four main purposes of program assessment are:

To improve – the assessment process should provide feedback to determine how the program can be improved.

To inform – the assessment process should inform decision-makers of the contributions and impact of the program.

To prove – the assessment process should encapsulate and demonstrate to students, faculty, staff and outsiders what the program is accomplishing.

To support – the assessment process should provide support for campus decision-making activities such as program review and strategic planning, as well as external accountability activities such as accreditation.

At its heart, assessment is about continuous improvement—helping our students do better because we are more conscious about the way we plan, about our expectations for students, and whether our programs allow students to demonstrate their knowledge/skills. Assessment is a tool for ongoing program improvement.

For more information on Assessment refer to the attached Assessment Orientation file.  Assessment Orientation


CIP/Assessment Cycle Timeline


15th: Department CIP assessment projects should be finished

15th - June 15th: Analyze results and complete CIP Forms


15th: Submit completed department CIP forms to appropriate Division Management Team member and SSDS

15th - 30th: Managers review department CIP forms and prepare recommendations and comments

30th: Managers return approved CIP paperwork with recommendations and comments


1st - 30th: Office of Division Strategy meets individually with each department head to help update CIP plan for academic year 2014-15

31st: New department CIP plans due to SSDS


1st: New department CIP plans supplied to UCA Assessment Office


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