Professional Development

Consider this:

“Professional Development is a life-long commitment that includes development of skills at varying levels and at different stages throughout the career path.” University of South Florida, Division of Student Affairs, Professional Development Plan.

To actively manage your own Professional Development is to stay current with the services offered at other universities; become familiar with Higher Education resources, and with national Student Affairs associations. Below are links to some resources, newsletters, and programs to use in your self-guided professional development.

AFA, (Association of Fraternity / Sorority Advisors)

Association of Leadership Educators:

Bloom’s Taxonomy:

Bowling Green State University

CAS (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education):

CAS Standards:

The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Higher Ed Live, (Student Affairs podcasts):

Inside Higher Ed:

University of Maryland; National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs:

NASPA, (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education)

The Student Affairs Collective, (Student Affairs Blog)