Forms & Documents

The forms listed permit a student to enroll into Army ROTC and participate in training

CCF 139-R Aug 11 Cadet Enrollment Record

CC FORM 104-R AUG 13 Planned Academic Program Worksheet

CCF 136-R Aug 01 Briefing on Government Sponsored Benefits for ROTC Cadets

CCF 137-R Aug 02 Authorization/Declination for Access to Student Records

DA Form 3425-R Sep 68 Medical Fitness Statement Enrollment Basic Course, Senior ROTC

Memo, Dental Exam Dental Examination Requirements

Release Waiver Form Contract of Release and Waiver of Liability - Training Events

S A L WORKSHEET Scholar-Athlete-Leader

ROO prequalification checklist

The following forms and documents are commonly used by enrolled ROTC cadets

CCF 131-R Dec 07 Cadet Action Request

CCF 132-R Dec 07 Statement of Understanding for Dependents

UCA Policy 10-04 (Cadet Lifecycle Requirements) Pertains to Military History

UCA Policy 10-04 (Cadet Lifecycle Requirements) CWST Pertains to Combat Water Survival Test

UCA Policy 10-04 (Cadet Lifecycle Requirements) AKO Accounts Pertains to AKO Accounts

NGB 594_1 Aug 10 Army National Guard SMP (Simultaneous Membership) Agreement

DA Form 4824 Apr 05 U.S. Army Reserve SMP Agreement

SF 1199a Direct Deposit Form Direct Deposit Form

DoDMERB Present Health Questionnaire


 Privacy Act Notice:
Disclosure of any information by you is strictly voluntary. However, failure to provide complete information may result in delay of requested information. All information collected will be used strictly for recruiting purposes. The authority for the collection of this information is Title 10, United States Code, Section 503.