Presentations and Publications

A weekly listing of submitted presentations and publications by UCA faculty and staff. Submissions made to UCA Today are posted the following Friday.

Dr. Jane McHaney, College of Education, recently accepted an Arkansas House Resolution on behalf of UCA recognizing the university?s outstanding work in teacher education and preparation.

Reps. Roebuck, Chesterfield, Dickinson, Elliot, Fite, C. Johnson, J. Johnson and Mahoney sponsored the resolution commending education faculty in Arkansas? public colleges and universities.

The resolution (HR1026) noted, among other things, that Arkansas recently ranked third in a national study regarding states? efforts to improve teacher quality and that teacher candidates of Arkansas institutions, including UCA, consistently score in the highest percentile of candidates taking the Praxis II exam for licensure.

Dr. Jonathan Glenn, College of Fine Arts and Communication, has an essay on “Latin and French in Gilbert Hay’s Prose Works” that has appeared in Scottish Language, 22 (2003): 16-35.

Taking a corpus analysis approach to the issue of Latin and French lexical items in Hay’s Scots prose, the essay attempts to come to terms with different kinds of presence these linguistic elements have in the three texts of the Hay manuscript (ca. 1490). Supporting evidence beyond that accommodated by the limited space of the printed essay is offered at