Digital Measures Guides

Further information and more detailed accounts of individual screens can be found in the below Digital Measure Guides. Some are college specific so be sure to download the correct one. The Digital Measure Guides are currently a work in progress so some might not yet be available.

Introductory Guides

Digital Measures: An Introduction v2 (Updated August 11, 2015) details how to log in and find your way around the screens of the Digital Measures user interface.

Digital Measures: Quick Reference v1.1 (Updated November 11, 2014) is a summary of the information found on each screen and the sources of that information.

College/Academic Unit Specific Guides

Torreyson Library v2.4 (Updated July 18, 2017)
Honors College v2.4 (Updated July 18, 2017)
College of Education v2.4 (Updated July 18, 2017)
College of Liberal Arts v2.4 (Updated July 18, 2017)
University College v2.4 (Updated July 18, 2017)
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics v2.5 (Updated September 7, 2017)
College of Business v2.4 (Updated July 18, 2017)
College of Fine Arts and Communication v2.4 (Updated July 18, 2017)
College of Health and Behavioral Sciences v2.4 (Updated July 18, 2017)

Mid-Tenure Review Guides

Mid-Tenure Review Process v2.1 (Updated October 25, 2017)
Mid-Tenure Review for the Reviewer v2.1 (Updated February 20, 2018)

Other Guides

Chairs and Deans guide v2.0 (Updated September 9, 2015)
Electronic submission process of Faculty Annual Self-Evaluation and Planning Report: College of Business v1.0 (Updated October 13, 2014)