Bachelor’s Recipient Graduate Outcomes Surveys

Surveys, via email, of graduated UCA students have begun with the bachelor’s degree recipients of April 2016. We are excited to see where our students have gone on their journeys after graduation. We will be surveying the students using Qualtrics, which allows us to use data we already have and embed that data into the survey so we don’t have to ask students questions we already know about them (e.g. major). These surveys will give us, UCA, the opportunity to better inform current/potential students about the past students’ success in the job field.

Other Questions?

We understand that not every question that you have may be answered on this survey and therefore we are taking requests for more information that your department or program needs to maintain for accreditation or records. The form that you will need to fill out for requests is here.

Timeline for Bachelor’s Recipient Graduate Outcomes Surveys

The survey will go out prior to graduation, three months, six months, and one year after the student has graduated.

Centralizing Graduate Outcomes Survey

A student can be over-surveyed and we are working hard to prevent this. That being said, we ask that ALL graduate outcomes surveys go through the Office of Institutional Research to help prevent this issue.

Work in Progress…

Graduate Degree Recipient Graduate Outcomes Surveys

Our office is currently working with all the colleges to create a survey for students who have graduated with a graduate degree from UCA and we hope to have this survey sent out by the end of the year.


Graduate outcomes surveys are handled by Rebecca Stage and she can be contacted at or 501-852-1203.