B.S. in Exercise Science – Alumni Spotlight – September 2014

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Mallory (’10) is a fitness coordinator, and Megan (’11) and Hannah (’13) are fitness specialists at Conway Regional Health and Fitness Center where they work on a daily basis in Cardiac Rehabilitation.


What does a typical day consist of for you?

CR 5ML: When I arrive to work each day I look at our weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals and adjust them accordingly. I usually see what equipment needs [to be] fixed, which trainers/employees/members need assistance. After these have been completed I do not have a “typical day”.

MR: An average work day  includes: opening Cardiac Rehab Phase III, meeting with members of Cardiac Rehab, taking blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen of Cardiac Rehab members, setting up programs and machines for Cardiac Rehab members, doing paperwork and programming at the fitness center, and personal training my clients.

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HT: On any given day I will train a variety of clients.  One day per week I will teach a SilverSneakers class, as well as an indoor cycling class.  In between creating programs for clients and classes, I will keep track of membership orientations and teen membership orientations.  I will compare monthly and quarterly goals concerning membership orientations, teen orientations, and possibly an incentive program if we have a current one.  I will also mingle with the members on the fitness floor, making sure the equipment is clean and safe.  I will also teach kid fitness classes or conduct running/walking programs at local public schools, depending on the season.

What is your favorite part about your position?

CR 1ML: My favorite part about my position is being able to be a mentor to my full time and part time staff.

MR: My favorite part about my job is the interaction with members/clients. I enjoy getting to know each person and having an impact in their life.

HT: My favorite part about my position is that I do not do one thing and one thing only.  I have many tasks and responsibilities that deal with a wide variety of our member population.  The members at our facility are truly their own little community and I love being able to be a part of it in a very diverse way.

What is the most challenging part about your position?

MR: The most challenging part about my job is losing a member of Cardiac Rehab. Due to the age and health status of our members, we lose some occasionally whether it is to therapy/rehab centers or death.

What skills would you advise students to have for this position?

Strong leadership qualities, patience, be able to be goal and number orientated and to love working with people.

MR: The skills that I would advise students to have for this position is great customer service, time management, patience, respect, great organizational skills, and knowledge of all things involved with the position.

HT: Students should understand exercise testing and prescription very well, along with the core knowledge of Kinesiology.  Students should also have patience, a passion for working with people, and great time management skills.

Which two courses contributed the most to your success in your current position?

CR 3ML: Exercise Testing and Prescription & Methods and Materials

MR: Senior populations and Exercise Prescription

HT: Methods and Materials assisted me with more leadership skills and the understanding of basic fitness management. Exercise testing and prescription taught me core knowledge that I use every single day. I know this makes 3 classes but I must credit Group Exercise/Leadership for getting my foot in the door at Conway Regional Fitness Center which ultimately led to the position I am in now.

During your collegiate career, what extracurricular activities did you 

participate in that assisted you in this position?

CR 4

ML: I was a member of the Women’s UCA Track & Field team so I was able to watch and observe our Strength and Conditioning Coach lead us through workouts.  This strengthened my passion for working with individuals that wanted to become healthier.  I was also a member of Alpha Sigma Tau and I held many positions in the Sorority so this strengthened my leadership, organization and people skills which are very important for my job role.

MR: During college the extracurricular activities I participated in that helped me with this position were volunteering for anything in the community, such as Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Trick or Trot Run at the HPER, 5K Bunny Hop by KPEM Club, Soaring Wings Training programs and Half Marathon, and Intern at the HPER.

HT: I was a running leader for Women Run Arkansas which allowed me to network and practice my leadership skills.  I taught group exercise classes at Conway Regional Health and Fitness Center while I was in school at UCA.  This position allowed me to practice dealing with large groups of people and become much more efficient with instructing.  I also performed fitness assessments and was a personal trainer at the HPER Center.  Working at the HPER allowed me to take the Exercise Testing and Prescription course at UCA to the next level.  I also volunteered at many races and fundraising events throughout my collegiate career.  Through volunteer work I was able to meet friends, professionals in the Kinesiology field, as well as future colleagues.

What words of wisdom would you have for current students who want to pursue this career?

ML: Get involved in as much as you can.  Volunteer for as many things as possible and do not be afraid to ask for help!

MR: The words of wisdom I have for current students preparing for their career would be to take advantage of any volunteer opportunities, networking opportunities, and to shadow someone or a place that you want your career to be in. All of these will help in their future career and get there foot in the door.

HT: Everyone you meet will form an opinion about you.  It is up to you to make sure it is a good one.  With that being said, don’t EVER pass up an opportunity to meet someone. Volunteer and work with the community, because chances are, you will want to work for them one day.

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