Faculty Development Grant Application Form

Faculty Development Grant Application

CTE copies the FDG Application answers into here to send an automatic response to the dean/chair seeking approval.
  • @uca.edu
  • Note whether the grant request is intended to support (1) on-ground/hybrid teaching OR (2) fully online teaching. If you indicate online teaching, also provide which category you fall into: (a) you are already teaching an online course OR (b) you are developing a new online course.
  • Prepare a detailed, itemized budget of all expenses related to the project. Please include any funding sources you expect in addition to this faculty development grant. Remember, travel costs for hotel, food, and mileage are governed by the federal per diem rates found at: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/104877. Variance from these rates require justification according to the travel regulations (http://uca.edu/financialaccounting/travel/). Include relevant dates and cities for travel expenses. Common conference expense categories include: conference registration, airfare, hotel, meals, transportation, etc. Common project-related expense categories include: project materials, supplies, transcription services, speaker fees, books, etc.
  • Drop files here or
    If the budget is convoluted or if they turn in a lot of supplementary materials, we can upload them here. It may be better to just put them on Google Drive in the folder with where their final document is going to be anyhow.