The following information was provided by the UCA African-American Alumni Association, via their official pamphlet.  A copy of the pamphlet remains in the AAAA authority file.

HISTORY:  The African-American Alumni Association of the University of Central Arkansas was a vision seen by Virgil Williamson during the 1980’s.  When he attempted to establish a means where Alumni and friends could get together, socialize and network.

Although his two events were well attended, the timing was not right to build a long lasting, viable organization.  However, the foundation was laid and a successful attempt took place on April 26, 1997, when Daryl McGee in the presence of seventeen other Alumni, moved with the motion seconded by Tracy Pleasants to form the African-American Alumni Association (AAAA).  Their actions led to an affirmative vote during a conference call by twenty-three African American Alumni at 10:41 a.m., Thursday, December 18, 1997, to officially establish the AAAA of the University of Central Arkansas.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:  The purpose of the AAAA is to preserve the interest of past, current, and future African-American Alumni, students, faculty and others.  This group will assist UCA in all areas in which UCA and the AAAA have a vested interest.

MISSION:  The mission of the AAAA is to assist UCA with student retention, establish an endowment fund and provide scholarship opportunities for deserving students.  It will also be the mission to provide fellowship and networking opportunities for past, present, future alumni and friends.


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File 1 – Various Photos

File 2 – University of Central Arkansas Alumni Association “Backs The Bears”, Pom-Pom, (Artifact)

File 3 – First Annual Banquet and Ball, Commencement Directory, October 17, 1998

File 4 – Second Annual Banquet and Ball, Commencement Directory, October 23, 1999

File 5 – Third Annual Banquet and Ball, Commencement Directory, October 28, 2000

File 6 – Fourth Annual Banquet and Ball, Commencement Directory, October 13, 2001

File 7 – Fifth Annual Banquet and Ball, October 26, 2002

File 8 – Sixth Annual Banquet Ball, November 1, 2003

File 9 – African American Newspapers Articles

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