Ms. King’s biography comes in large part from the March 1995 Pope County Historical Quarterly.

Ms. King was a graduate of Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, and the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.  She also received a Master of Science degree from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

She taught in high schools all over the state and also taught at the Japanese Relocation Center in Rohwer, Arkansas.  Her hobbies included bird watching and genealogical research.

Three books were authored by Ms. King, Some Notes on Bird Watching Taken From the Records of Evalyn King, Field Trips for Plant Observation, and A Time and Place in the Life of  Persis Lovely.  The latter is a book that was written primarily for the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Ms. King’s work on genealogy focused on the King, Deal, Harkey, Tucker, Dunn, Crowell, Patton, and Tisley families.  Ms. King died in February 2003.


Series I – WWII Japanese Relocation Camps (Jerome and Rohwer) also see Neal King Collection M01-1 WWII Collection

Series II – Genealogy (Paternal):  Evalyn King, Deal, Harkey-Cagle, Tucker, Fisher, also Shinn, Ferguson, Little, Ledford, and McCorkle

Series III– Genealogy (Maternal):  Evalyn King, Dunn, Crowell, Patton, Tinsley

Series IV– DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), Persis Brown Lovely- NSDAR

Series V – Personal and Travel


Series I

Box 1

File 1 – Photos and News Clippings:  Japanese-American Relocation Centers, 1940’s

File 2 – Inside View Japanese-American Evacuee Center at Rohwer, Arkansas, 1941-1945

File 3 – Rohwer Hi-Lites, school yearbook, 1942-1943

File 4 – Talent Review, Rowher Relocation Center/Jerome Relocation Center, May 14, 1943

File 5 – The Relocation Program: a guidebook for the residents of Relocation Centers, War Relocation Authority in Washington, D.C., May 1943

File 6 – Newspaper, The Rohwer Outpost, Jan. to Jun. 1943

File 7 – Newspapers, The Rohwer Outpost, Apr. to May 1944

File 8 – Newspapers, The Rohwer Outpost, July 1943

File 9 – Life Magazine, article on page 19, “Japanese Carry War To California Coast”, March 9, 1942

File 10- Life Magazine, article on page 15, “Coast JAPS Are Interned in Mountain Camp,” Apr. 6, 1942

File 11- Life Magazine, article on page 25, “Tule Lake, Newell, California – 18,000 Japanese Considered Disloyal to U.S.,” Mar. 20, 1944

File 12- An Arkansas History For Young People:  World War II and the Postwar World by T. Harri Baker and Jane Browning, 1991

File 13- Copied excerpt from Arkansas Odyssey by M. Dougan:  The Japanese Relocation

End of Box 1

End of Series I


Series II

Box 1

File 1 – Evalyn King’s Pedigree Charts, (William King, John King, John William King, Elijah King Sr., Elijah King Jr. Thomas Monroe King, & Evalyn King)

File 2A- Neal King (brother of Evalyn King) WWII Records- see Neal King Collection, MO1-1 and WWII Records

File 2B- Last “Will & Testament” of Neal King

File 2C- Murray County Census

File 3A- Descendants of Elijah King, Jr. in Pope Co. Arkansas

File 3B- Notes on Wan and Reconstruction in Pope Co. Arkansas

File 4 – The King Family, 1705-1991

File 5 – Family History with Name Origin and Lineage Lines – King, from genealogical records by Heraldry

File 6 – Biographical Sketch of Elijah King Sr., found in N.C. Archives-Census-Wills- Land grants

File 7 – Ledford Family Research, 1737-1997, 3 copies, Elijah King married Nancy Ledford on Jan. 9, 1842.  This information was compiled by Evalyn King, 1997

File 8 – Arkansas Masonics Lodge – Elijah King, 1875

File 9 – Legal Documents: John William King – son of John King – grandson of William King

File 10- William King and Thomas King of Somerset Co. Maryland, Augusta Co. Virginia, Anson, Mecklenburg, Tryon, and Lincoln Co. North Carolina Research (2 comb-bound copies)

File 11- Family History:  children of William King (Thomas King, John King, & Mary Crockett)

File 12- Thomas King, “Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee”, 1700’s

File 13- King Family Research: William and Mary Ann, 2 comb-bound books by Evalyn, 1989

File 14- Diary of Mrs. John Lewis 1730-1775 with the Lewis motto, their seal: “By Courage, not by craft”

End of Box 1


Series II

Box 2 – King Family Research

File 1 – The King Ranch in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.  Information regarding the descendants of Richard King

File 2 – King Family History:  Richard and Robert

File 3A- Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee (1 of 2)

File 3B- Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee (2 of 2)

File 4 – Kings in Index of Old Somerset Co. Maryland, Eastern Shores of Maryland

File 5 – King’s Mountain, From King’s Mountain and Its Heroes, North Carolina

File 6 – King – Tennessee

File 7 – Mecklenburg Co. North Carolina Records:

File 8 – Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, “Mecklenburg Signers”, (King, Crockett, McCulloh, McCorkle, & McCormick

File 9 – “David Crockett Family History:  Ancestors and Descendants” compiled by Evalyn King

File 10- Notes on the McCorkle Family in Scotland and America, by Rev. Louis W. McCorkle

End of Box 2


Series II

Box 3 – Deal Family Research

File 1 – Copy of Diary of Mrs. John Lewis, great-grandmother of Louisa L. Mayor (1730’s)

File 2 – A-D Paternal family research for William Deal Sr. (1730-1807) and William Deal Jr. (1774-1824) – A to D (1 of 2)

File 3 – E-H Deal family research, E to H (2 of 2)

File 4 – “Bits and Pieces: North Carolina Pioneers” (2 copies) William Deal Sr. (1730-1807) married Anna Ikerd (1736-1819); one copy of this book is in Series III, Box 1, File 2

End of Box 3


Series II

Box 4 – Harkey Family

File 1 – “Harkey Lineage: Conrad Harkey, David Harkey, George Harkey”-2 copies

File 2 – Descendants of Conrad Harkey

File 3 – Harkey Lineage Papers

File 4 – Family Tree copies:  Conrad Harkey and Martin Harkey

File 5 – Research: sons of Martin Harkey, 1745-1807

File 6 – “Family History: Martin Harkey 1735-1807” and other research

File 7 – “David Harkey – Loyalist Soldier and Refuge: 1750-1787” and other research

File 8 – Research on David Harkey, son of Conrad Harkey, 1776-1787

File 9 – “David Harkey: Early Loyalists – St. John, 1783-1786”

File 10- “Documented evidence on David Harkey, 1750-1795”

File 11- Trinity Church and David Harkey

File 12- Researches on David Harkey in Canada

File 13- Conrad Harkey, David Harkey, and George Harkey

File 14- Documented evidence on David Harkey and descendants of Geroge Harkey – family group records

File 15- Harkey Family of Dunklin County:  Daniel David Harkey, John Harkey, and Martin Harkey

File 16- Family group sheets (Mary Harkey-widow) Census of North Carolina, 1790-1830 – Arkansas 1830-1840

File 17- Copied Will of Mary Harkey, Rowan Co. North Carolina, 1820

End of Box 4


Series II

Box 5 – Harkey Family

File 1 – Copy of Family History of James and Eliza (Tucker) Harkey, ancestors descendants and some allied lines, 1805-1875

File 2 – Land Titles, 1854-1944

File 3 – “Family History of James and Eliza (Tucker) Harkey”, 3 copies

File 4 – “Family History of James and Eliza (Tucker) Harkey”, 6 copies

File 5 – “Harkey History – Ancestors and Descendants”, compiled by O.B. Harkey

File 6 – Correspondence:  Harkey/Fisher Families, 1980’s-1990’s

File 7 – Correspondence:  Sam Holmes and Rosemary Richardson, Jul. 1979- Oct. 1984

File 8 – The Loyalists in the American Revolution – Pennsylvania, German Pioneers

File 9 – The Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

File 10- Loyalist sources in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain

File 11- Dissertation:  The migration of Carolina and Georgia Loyalists to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 1974

File 12- The German Allied Troops in the North American War of Independence 1776-1783, copied, translated from German of Mas VonEelking by J.G. Rosengarten, 1969

File 13- Names of ship sailing into the port of Philadelphia and passenger lists

File 14- Harkey Family Research:  North Carolina

File 15- Research papers:  Harkey Family of Yell County Arkansas

End of Box 5


Series II

Box 6 – Harkey Family

File 1 – Records, Census, Harkey Family Group Sheets

File 2 – Research Paper on the Harkey Family and Shinn Family

File 3 – Documents from North Carolina Archives

File 4 – “The Great Road Though Cabarrus County, North Carolina”

File 5 – Miscellaneous, Major Settlements in Rowan County & Western North Carolina

File 6 – Harkey Family Research, North Carolina

File 7 – Harkey Lineage; Conrad Harkey, David Harkey, George Harkey (original)

File 8 – King, Harvey, Tucker, Fisher Families (Paternal) from church records

File 9 – Family History of James and Eliza (Tucker) Harkey, ancestors and descendants and some allied lines – 2 copies from Evalyn King (1981)

File 10- Family History lf James and Eliza (Tucker) Harkey, compiled by Evalyn King

End of Box 6


Series II

Box 7 – Tucker Family

File 1A- “Family History: George Tucker Sr.” – 2 of 3 copies, compiled by Evalyn King (1 of 2)

File 1B- “Family History: George Tucker Sr.” – 3 of 3 copies, compiled by Evalyn King (2 of 2)

File 2 – Manuscript, “Family History: George Tucker St.”, compiled by Evalyn King

File 3 – Tucker Family History-Generations I-IX – Geroge Tucker Sr. and Evalyn King

File 4 – Tucker Family Groups Sheets

File 5 – Tucker Family Research: George Tucker Sr., b. 1740; George Tucker Jr., b. 1765; Lewis Tucker, b. 1797; Duncan Tucker, b. 1813; Jonah Tucker, b. 1856; James Tucker, b. 1840

File 6 – George Tucker Research

File 7 – Tucker Family Research (1984, 1986)

File 8 – Tucker Family Research, compiled by Evalyn King (1991)

File 9 – Tucker Family Research, A-D

File 10- George Tucker Sr. Research

File 11A- Tucker Lineage Research of generations V-VIII

File 11B- Tucker Lineage (2 of 3), (1) Descendants of Robert and William Tucker, (2) Tuckers who settled along the James River in Virginia, (3) Research Notes:  Tucker families who were early settlers along the James River

File 11C- Tucker Lineage (3 of 3), Line of Captain Robert Tucker Sr.

File 12- George Tucker; Land grant in Medklenburg Col North Carolina (1784)

End of Box 7


Series II

Box 8 – Tucker Family

File 1 – Tucker Trails through South Side Virginia

File 2 – Tucker Family, Virginia Research

File 3 – Tucker Family, Captain William Tucker

File 4 – Tuckers who settled along the James River in Virginia, 2 copies- comb bound (1704-1765)

File 5 – Research notes:  Tucker families who settled along the James River in Virginia

File 6 – Manuscript, Tuckers who settled along the James River in Virginia, (1704-1765

File 7 – Articles from Colonial  Homes Magazine, “James River Plantations” and “Early Life Along the James” (Mar.-Apr. 1982)

File 8 – “Tuckers in Virginia, North Carolina, & Georgia”, compiled by Jeanette H. Austin of  Riverdale, Georgia.

File 9 – “Researching Your Virginia Ancestor”, by John Smith, a member of Catawby County Genealogical Society

File 10- Virginia Genealogical Society quarterly, Vol. IX, nos. l & 2, “Tucker Records of Prince George County” (Jan. & Apr. 1971)

File 11- Tucker Research; (1) Prince George Co., Cumberland Parish, Bristol Parish Register, (2) Maps and Marriages, (3) Correspondence

File 12- “Descendants of George Tucker; Mecklenburg/Cabarrus Counties North Carolina”, comb-bounded

File 13- Descendants of George Tucker IV; Southside, VA, Mecklenburg Co. North Carolina, Arkansas River Valley

File 14- George Tucker Descendants

End of Box 8


Series II

Box 9 – Tucker Family

File 1 – Research, Mecklenburg Co. – Mecklenburg signers

File 2 – Research papers on descendants of George Tucker Sr. – 1 of 2; (1) Vol. 1, (2) Vol. 2, Family Group Sheets, (3) Thomas Tucker/Frances Epps, (4) Tucker Family – Pope, Arkansas

File 3 – Research papers on descendants of George Tucker Sr. – 2 of 2; (1) Tucker Lineage, 9 generations, (2) LDS microfilm – Howell/Barber, (3) Land Titles, (4) Roseanna Tucker married James Little, (5) Computer Printouts

File 4 – North Carolina Record Research; (1) North Carolina Census 1700-1800, (2) Tucker, Rowan County North Carolina, (3) Early records – North Carolina, Virginia, Prince George County, (4) North Carolina Record – taxes, land, & Census

File 5 – Tucker Family Research (Jacob, James, Joseph)

File 6 – Lewis Tucker – Cabarrus County minute docket, County Court, Division of Estate of Lewis Tucker – page 362-363 (Apr. 1846)

File 7 – Descendants of Captain Robert Tucker

File 8 – Robert [born 1676- died 1750] and William Tucker [born 1691- died?], sons of Robert and Elizabeth (Coleman) Tucker of Southside Virginia (1655-1704)

File 9 – North Carolina Maps

File 10- Tucker Research; I – Virginia, II – Virginia, III – Bermuda

File 11- Tuckers of Bermuda and Virginia and Bermuda travel information

File 12- The Tucker Family of Devon by Michael Wickes, M.A. (1984)

File 13- The Tucker Family of Devon

File 14- (1) Directory of Scots Banished to American Plantations (1650-1775), (2) Transported Jacobite Rebels (1716), (3) List of Scottish Rebel Prisoners transported to America (1746), (4) To Maryland from Overseas (1634)

End of Box 9


Series II

Box 10- Tucker Family

File 1 – Research:  Tucker, Verble, Brown, and Linn, compiled by Evalyn King

File 2 – Cagle Family Research – Mecklenburg/Cabarrus counties in North Carolina

File 3 – John Lewis Family of Augusta County Virginia, copied pages of Twelve Virginia Counties – Lewis Family and King’s Mountain Info., (1732)

File 4 – Wirble Family, Henry and Margaret, Revolutionary Claim (1828)

File 5 – History of Wachovia in North Carolina (Moravian Church) by John Henry Clewell (reprinted 1991)

File 6 – A Monograph of the New Goschenhopper and Great Swamp Reformed Charge 1731-1881 by C.Z. Weiser, D.D.

File 7 – Church Records of Goschenhopper, reformed church charge (Fischer Family)

File 8 – “The Lynching of Alex Whitley”, for death of D.B. Tucker, by David D. Almond Jr. of Albemarle, North Carolina (1883)

File 9 – American Heritage Magazine, see pages 54, 68, 80, and 92 – Articles:  Revolutionary and Civil Wars of America

File 10- Civil War Times Magazine: article “Moving The Army Around Lee”-crossing the James River, page 48 (Mar. Apr. 1992)

File 11- George Tucker (born 1745- died 1852, Patriot, Descendants Association, Vol. #1 – Summer 1992, Vol. 17 #3 – Summer 1998, and correspondence

File 12- Kings Landing, New Brunswick, first occupied by American refugees from the Revolutionary War and the Loyalists, and Miscellaneous Articles

File 13- Little Tommy and All the Tuckers, Vol. 1 #4, by Charlotte Robey Tucker (Oct. 1977)

File 14- Little Tommy and All the Tuckers (copy), Vol. 2, published Charlotte M. Tucker (1978)

File 15- Little Tommy and All the Tuckers (copy), Vol. 3, published by Charlotte Tucker (1978)

File 16- National Geographic Society Quarterly, page 27, articles reads “’transported Jacobite Rebels 1716”, Vol. 64 #1 (Mar. 1976)

File 17- Two articles from National Geographic Magazines on Wolstenholme Towne, Virginia, (1) “New Clues to an Old Mystery” (Jan. 1982), (2) “First Look at a Lost Virginia Settlement” (June 1979)

End of Box 10


Series II

Box 11– Shinn, Ferguson, Fisher & Little/Love Families

File 1 – “The History of the Shinn Family in Europe in American”, comb-bound book, Silas Benjamin Shinn and Elizabeth Little-Shinn and their children (seventh) Generation

File 2 – Shinn Family Research

File 3 – Land documents for Cagle, Little, and Shinn of the Mecklenburg, Rowan and Cabarrus counties in North Carolina

File 4 – The Love Family, (David Love, 1700’s) Esther Love was the widow of James Love. She remarried George Tucker.

File 5 – “Family History: Catarina/Catherine Fisher”, comb-bound book, born 1795 in Rowan County North Carolina and died 1843 in Cabarrus County North Carolina daughter of John Fisher Sr. and wife of Lewis Tucker

File 6 – Fisher Family Research (documents, abstracts, etc.)

File 7 – Jacob Fisher Lineage (1666)

File 8 – Joseph Fisher Descendants 1695-1784, by Robins Tate (1987)

File 9 – The Jacob Fisher 1727-1958, Vol. 1 2nd edition, compiled by Arthur W. Fisher and Hilbert A. Fisher (1980), 1st edition compiled by James L. Fisher (1959)

File 10- “Family History:  Jacob Fisher” comb-bound book – 2 copies, born 1666 in Freinsheim, Palatinate, Germany.  Died 1748 in Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery, PA.

File 11- “Family History: Fisher Lineage” (Fisher/Tucker/Harkey/King).  Thomas Monroe King married Alice Idell Dunn – parents of Evalyn King

File 12- Correspondence, with Shirley Ferguson Cosney a Harkey Family Descendant

File 13- The Ferguson Family Tree, comb-bound book, by George O. Ferguson, family group papers compiled by Evalyn King

File 14- Logan/Potts Family, Potts Homestead in Pottsville, Arkansas (1930’s)

End of Box 11

End of Series II


Series III

Box 1 – Maternal:  King, Dunn/Crowell

File 1 – Crowell Lineage of Evalyn King: Alice Idell Dunn-King, Robert Allen Dunn, Edyth Crowell-Dunn, Moses Crowell, George Crowell St., Peter Crowell

File 2 – “Bits and Pieces:  North Carolina Pioneers”, 2 copies of this book are located in Series II, Box 3, File 4, William Deal Sr. (born 1730- died 1807 married Anna Ikerd (born 1736 – 1819) in the year 1755

File 3 – The Dunn Family History, Robert Allen Dunn married Martha Patton

File 4 – Dunn/Crowell Family Research

End of Box 1


Series III

Box 2 – Maternal:  Crowell Family

File 1 – Descendants of Peter Crowell, 2 comb-bound books

File 2 – Descendants of Peter Crowell Research (Crowell, Dunn, King)

File 3 – George Crowell Sr. Revolutionary War Ancestor Research (Crowell, Dunn, King)

File 4 – “The George Crowell Family”, compiled by Judith Jo Wakeman (1985)

File 5 – Genealogy of the Crowell Family, originally called Cromwell, compiled by Carolyn Crowell (1978)

File 6 – Moses Crowell Sr. and Peter Crowell Research

File 7 – Crowell Family Research (Peter, George Sr., Moses)

File 8 – Crowell Family Research of Cabarrus County North Carolina (Maternal)

File 9 – Montgomery and /Stanley Co. North Carolina, (Records, Census, Land Grants, Tax Lists)

File 10- Miscellaneous Research and Correspondence, Crowell Family

File 11- The William Crowell Family in the United States by Kate Crowell Reese in Chelsea, Alabama

File 12- Crowell Cousins: Descendants of William Crowell and Sons, David, Harris, Colson by Mrs. Darse Malone Fant

File 13- Crowell/Pyron – George Martin Crowell (born 1778) son of Simon, Simon is the brother of George Sr. and William, sons of Peter.  He married Elizabeth Pyron Aug. 30, 1804

End of Box 2


Series III

Box 3 – Maternal:  Patton Family

File 1 – William Patton (born 1590) in Ferrachi, Scotland

File 2 – Patton Lineage of Evalyn King; William Patton (born 1590), Henry Patton Sr. (b.ca 1625/1630), Henry Patton Jr. (b. ca 1650, Robert Patton (b. ca 1685-1755) Andrew Patton (1735-1790, Robert Patton (ca. 1760-1829, Duncan Patton (ca. 1785-1829), Alfred Patton (1809-1850), John Patton (1835-1863), Martha A. Patton (1861-1942) married Robert A. Dunn, Alice Idell Dunn (1879-1952) married T.H. King, and Evalyn King ) b. 1909)

File 3 – William Patton born 1590 in Ferrachi, Fifeshire, Scotland and Robert Patton (b. 1824-died 1909) forms

File 4 – Descendants of Henry Patton Jr. (born 1650) in Donegal, Ireland, compiled by Evalyn King

File 5A- Family Tree, 1535 – Patton – 3 comb-bound copies; Scotland-Ireland Pennsylvania-Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Tennessee, and Arkansas, compiled by Evalyn King (1993)

File 5B- American Lineage of the Patton’s Researched by Evalyn King

File 6 – Some of the sons of William Patton Sr. (died 1742); Robert Patton (b. 1710-d. 1772), William Patton, James Patton (b.?- 1776)

File 7 – Eleven generations of descendants from Alexander Patton

File 8 – Research, Robert Patton (born 1753) in Londonderry, Ireland

File 9 – Robert Patton Land Grant 1754 in Chester County Pennsylvania

File 10- Will of Robert Patton (b? – died 1755) in Chester County Pennsylvania

File 11- Wills; Robert Patton – Chester County Pennsylvania 1755, Andrew Patton- Orange County North Carolina 1790, Robert Patton – Summer County Tennessee, 1829

File 12- Robert Patton (b. 1760) – d. 1829) father of, Duncan Patton (b. 1780’s- d. before 1820’s) father of, Alfred Patton (b. 1809)

File 13- Patton Research in Summer County Tennessee (18th Century

File 14- Patton Family Research, maternal, from Robert, Andrew Patton, Robert Patton, Robert Patton, Duncan Patton, Alfred Patton, John Patton, Martha (Mattie) Patton-Dunn

File 15- The Patton Family Research (Robert, Andrew, John), of Chester County Pennsylvania, Orange County North Carolina, and Summer County Tennessee

File 16- The Patton Family History Research, compiled by Evalyn King

File 17- The Patton Family History:  William (b. 1590), Robert (b. 1764, John A.) b. 1835). Martha (b. 1861)

File 18- Research on Lineage of Evalyn King (maternal): Alice Idell-Dunn King (b. 1879), Martha Patton Dunn (b. 1861), John Andrew Patton (b. 1835, Tennessee), Alfred Patton (b. 1809, Tennessee), Duncan (b. 1785) Robert Patton (b.1760, Pennsylvania), Andrew Patton (b. 1735, Pennsylvania.  Robert Patton (b. 1685, Ireland), Henry Patton  Jr. (b. 1650, Ireland), Henry Patton Sr. (b. 1625, Ireland), and William Patton (b. 1590, Scotland)

File 19- David “Davie” Crockett (b. 1786 – d. 1836) wife Elizabeth Patton (b. about 1786 d. about 1846)

File 20- Patton correspondence concerning Robert Patton (1980-1983)

File 21- Correspondence, Patton Family (June 1984-1996)

File 22- Correspondence and Research, with Ransie Patton Coe (1981-1984)

End of Box 3


Series III

Box 4 – Maternal: Patton Family

File 1A- John Patton and His Descendants, copy, by his great-grandson and oldest living descendant J. W. Patton (1922)

File 1B- Research, John Patton and Descendants

File 2 – Research, John A. Patton – Confederate Soldier

File 3 – James E. Truett (b. 1842), Civil War Soldier in Pope County Arkansas, Company B – 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles (July 1861)

File 4 – Documents, The Patton Family of Orange County North Carolina

File 5 – Earle of Grandville Land Grants, concerning The Patton Family (1761)

File 6 –Information on Pennsylvania Patton Family

File 7 – Research copied from “The Patton’s” researched by Springfield, Illinois Patton’s

File 8 – County Maps for the State of Pennsylvania

File 9 – The Patton Family in Tennessee

File 10- Wilson County Tennessee Patton’s researcher Lillian Jones

File 11- Research of Bill Patton (b. 1838- d. 1917) of Wilson County Tennessee

File 12- Matthew Patton, compiled by Ralph Patton Ring of Lawrence, Tennessee (1983)

File 13- Copied from “Hessian Soldiers in the American Revolution 1776-1783”, 1 of 2

File 14- Hessian History Research

File 15- Patton Revolutionary War Soldiers

File 16- Revolutionary War Records Research

End of Box 4


Series III

Box 5 – Maternal:  Patton Family

File 1 – Copy of James Patton and the Appalachian Colonist by Patricia Givens Johnson

File 2 – “Civil War and Reconstruction in Pope County Arkansas”, (Patton Family reference), comb-bound book, compiled by Evalyn King

File 3 – “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter (Oct. 1971)

File 4 – “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. IV (1978)

File 5 – “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. V #1 (1980)

File 6 – “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. V #2 (1980-1981

File 7 – “Patton Exchange Letter “Newsletter, Vol. V #3

File 8 – “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. V #4

File 9 – “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. VI #1 (1981)

File 10- “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. VI #2 (1981-1982)

File 11- “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. VI #3 (1982)

File 12- “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. VI #4 (1982)

File 13- “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. VII #1,2

File 14- “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. VII #3,4

File 15- “Patton Exchange Letter” Newsletter, Vol. VIII #1,2,3

File 16- Alexander Patton of Haw Old Fields Progeny by Jack Randolph Howard (1980)

File 17- Copeland, Bostick, Patton and Allied Families by Virginia Copeland Jantz (1981)

File 18- William Preston and the Allegheny Patriots by Patricia Givens Johnson (1976)

File 19- Rucker Family Genealogy, with their Ancestors, Descendants and Connections, information on Tucker and Tinsley Family Name, compiled by Sudie Rucker Wood (1932)

End of Box 5


Series III

Box 6 – Maternal:  Tinsley Family

File 1 – “Ancestors of John T. Tinsley (b. 1803 or 1804- d. 1880) of Pope County Arkansas’, compiled by Evalyn King

File 2 – “Descendants of Edward Tinsley, Sr. (1700-1782) of Essex, Culpepper and Amherst Counties Virginia, some allied families (Rucker, Burford, Vernon, Pendleton, Dawson, Burks, Parks, Teliaferro, and Reynolds), complied by Evalyn King (1986)

File 3 – Correspondence and Research, Tinsley Family

File 4 – Tinsley Family Research (Tinsley, Patton, Dunn, King)

End of Box 6

End of Series III


Series IV

Box 1 – DAR Research:  Persis Brown/Lovely

File 1 – Persis Lovely Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Russellville, Arkansas (organized Sept. 14, 1985)

File 2 – Yearbooks, Persis Lovely Chapter 6-058-AR, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (1989-2001)

File 3A- National Bylaws and DAR Handbook of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (1984)

File 3B- National Bylaws and DAR Handbook of the National Society of the Daughters of the Revolution (1987)

File 4 – Calendars (6), National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (1989-1993, 1995)

File 5 – “Madonna of the Trail”, 12 Statutes erected by NSDAR (c. 1920’s)

File 6 – Daughters of the American Revolution Arkansas State Society Newsletter (Nov. 1985- Aug. 1993)

File 7 – Magazines, Daughters of the American Revolution (Jul. 1997, 1998, 2000)

File 8 – A Time and a Place in the Life of Persis Brown Lovely, compiled by Evalyn King (1986)

File 9 – A supplement to: A Time and a Place In the Life of Persis Brown Lovely, compiled by Evalyn King, 3 copies (1986)

File 10- A supplement to: A Time and Place In the Life of Persis Brown Lovely, compiled by Evalyn King, 3 copies (1986)

File 11- Manuscript and research papers for book, A Time and a Place In the Life of Persis Brown Lovely, compiled by Evalyn King (1986)

File 12- Correspondence with Mrs. Karl (Mary) Kuckelman concerning A Time and A Place in  the Life of Persis Brown Lovely, by Evalyn King (1987)

File 13- Correspondence (1980-1992)

File 14- Newspaper Clippings (1983-1992)

File 15- Newspapers, “The Arkansas News”, a newspaper history published by The Old State House (1984-1988 and 1991-1992)

File 16- Miscellaneous Material – Information of Persis Lovely (DAR), and DAR material – American Heritage – Retired Teachers Association

End of Box 1


Series IV

Box 2 – NSDAR:  Application & Research

File 1 – Pamphlet, “Tracing Your Roots”, by F. Wilbur Helmbold

File 2 – National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) Application for Membership and proof of Lineage for Evalyn Kint through Lewis Tucker – Eliza (Tucker) Harkey-Martha (Harkey) King-Evalyn King

File 3 – Early work on the DAR Application for Membership

File 4 – Genealogical Research for DAR Membership

File 5 – DAR Application Material

File 6 – Evalyn King’s Revolutionary War Ancestors (NSDAR)

File 7 – NSDAR Supplemental Papers on William Deal for Evalyn King membership

File 8 – NSDAR Supplement papers on George Tucker (Revolutionary Ancestor) for Evalyn King Membership

File 9 – NSDAR Supplemental papers on George Crowell for Evalyn King membership

File 10- George Crowell Supplemental descendant of Evalyn King National N. 694950 Persis Lovely Chapter NSDAR Arkansas

File 11- NSDAR Supplemental papers on Edward Tinsley for Evalyn King’s Membership

File 12- Miscellaneous NSDAR Support

File 13- Robert Patton (b. 1736- d. 1832) Research from DAR Applications

File 14- John Patton (b. 1728- d. 1809) Research from DAR Applications of Cornelia Egan

File 15- North Carolina Revolutionary War Records Researched by Rosemary Richardson

File 16- Iredell County Deed Abstracts and old Church Cemeteries Research, copied (1797-1822)

File 17- Abstract of Deeds, Abstract of Land Grants, and Vacant Land Entries, Copied, of Rowan County North Carolina (1753-1789)

File 18- Abstract of minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Vol. 1 (1753-1762), Vol. 2 (1763-1774), Vol. 3 (1775-1789), copied, information on King, Ledford, Tucker, Fisher, and Crowell Family Lines

File 19- The Overmountain Men: Battle of King’s Mountain – Cumberland Decade – State of  Franklin Southwest Territory, name of soldiers only, by Pat Alderman (1970 & 1986)

File 20- Tryon County North Carolina Crown Docket (July 1769-Apr. 1776, State Docket (Oct. 1777- Jan. 1779), Lincoln County North Carolina (Apr. 1779-Apr. 1780, reprinted from Bulletin of The Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County Inc.

End of Box 2


Series IV

Box 3 – Books:  DAR Research

File 1 – Information on Genealogical Research

File 2 – DAR Library Catalog, Vol. 1, 2nd  Revised Edition (1983)

File 3 – DAR Library Catalog, Vol. One Supplemental, “Family Histories and Genealogies” (1984)

File 4 – King’s Mountain and It’s Heroes: History of The Battle of King’s Mountain, Oct. 7th 1780 and events which led to it, comb-bound copy, by Lyman C. Draper, LL.D. (1881)

File 5 – The Von Lossberg Regiment: A Chronicle of Hessian Participation in the American Revolution, by Robert Oakley Slagle-1925 (reproduced 1965)

File 6 – The Loyalists of New Brunswick by Esther Clark Wright, comb-bound copy

File 7 – The Loyalists in North Carolina During the Revolution by Robert O. DeMond, comb-bound copy (1964)

File 8 – The Loyalist Experience in North Carolina by Carole Watterson Troxler (1976)

File 9 – The Hessian View of American 1776-1783 by Ernest Kipping (1971)

File 10- The Narrative of Col. David Fanning (Loyalist Leader) by Lindley S. Butler (1981)

File 11- The Yorktown Campaign and the Surrender of Cornwallis 1781 by Henry P. Johnston (1881, reprinted 1973)

File 12- Muster Rolls and Prisoner of War Lists in American Archival Collections Pertaining to German Mercenary Troops Who Served wit British Forces During the American  Revolution, German-American Genealogical Research Monograph No. 3 – Part 1 0f 3, by Clifford Neal Smith (1976)

File 13- Mercenaries from Hessen-Hanau, German-American Genealogical Research Monograph No. 5, by Clifford Neal Smith (1976)

File 14- Veroffentlichungen Der Archivschule Marburg – Institut Fur Archivwissenschart, No. 10, Hessische Truppen Im Americanischen Unabhangigkeitskrieg (Hetrina) Index Nach              Famlliennamen Bd. II (Marburg 1974)

File 15- Veroffentlichungen Der Archivschule Marburg – Institut Fur Archivwissenschaft, No. 10, Hessische Truppen Im Americanischen Unabhangigkeitskrieg (Hetrina) Index Nach              Famlliennamen Bd. II (Margurg 1974)

File 16- Hessen Und Die Amerikanische Revolution 1776, Ausstellung der Hessischen Staatsarchive 1776 Revolution und demokratischer in der hessischen Geschidhte

End of Box 3

End of Series IV


Series V

Box 1

File 1 – Evalyn King Education Information

File 2 – Accomplishments of Evalyn King

File 3 – Mrs. George Morris Diploma

File 4 – Memories of Thomas King and Photo of Elijah King and Martha Harkey gravestone

File 5 – Copies of Family Records

File 6 – A Look at the Logans

File 7 – Geology field trips and fact sheets

File 8 – Geology test and worksheets

File 9 – Republic of Mexico maps and Information

File 10- Scientific Names of Grasses and Vegetation

File 11- Travels to the Ozark and Northwest

File 12- Names of various plants Identified

File 13- Dan Dipert Tours and Receipts

File 14- Grants of David Harkey

File 15- Lynching of Alec Whitley

File 16- Miscellaneous

File 17- Audbon Camp of Wisconsin

File 18- Newspaper articles of Early Arkansas Pioneering

File 19- Pope County History Quarterly 1993-1998

File 20- Pope County History Quarterly Short Stores

File 21- Pope Counties Formation’s and School Districts

File 22- Pope County once supported a Prairie

End of Box 1


Series V

Box 2

File 1 – Arkansas Historical land owners

File 2 – Historical Quarterly Articles

File 3 – Arkansas Historical Quarterly stories

File 4 – Civil War Reconstruction in Pope County, Arkansas

File 5 – Building the Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroads

File 6 – John Bynum Political Stories

File 7 – Bird watching Articles

File 8 – Cherished Memories of Mrs. JM King

File 9 – Book Tucker Trails Through Southside Virginia by B. DeRoy Beale

File 10- Book They Sought a Land: A Settlement In The Arkansas River Valley 1840-1870 by William Oates Ragsdale

File 11- Mexico National Science Foundation Institute (1959)

File 12- American Barns and Covered Bridges by Eric Sloane

File 13- The Lees and Kings of Virgina and North Carolina by Reba Shropshire Wilson and Betty Shropshire Glover

File 14- The National Geographic Magazine, June 1916, June 1917, June 1924, May 1925, July 1925, August 1939, September 1951, and April 1984.

File 15- Biography of Cephas and Washburn Family

File 16- Travels to Louisiana, Virginia, Oklahoma and Wisconsin

End Box 2


Series V

Box 3

File 1 – Colorado and New Mexico Travels scrapbook

File 2 – Evalyn King Family and travels

File 3 – Scrapbook of Canada

File 4 – Scrapbook of Missouri

File 5 – Scrapbook of Northern State travel

File 6 – Travel to New England and New Mexico

End of Box 3


Series V

Box 4

File 1 – Autumn in the New England States

File 2 – Autumn in the New England States Part 2

File 3 – Pope County historical information and Information

File 4 – Pope County Wagon Train Journey

File 5 – Pope County Historical Sites and Information

File 6 – Newspaper articles 1980s to 1990s

File 7 – Scrapbook of Arkansas 1975-1976

End of Box 4


Series V

Box 5

File 1 – Scrapbook on death and funerals

File 2 – Travels to Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee

File 3 – Travels to Mississippi

File 4 – Travels to the Northeast

File 5 – Family and personal photographs of Evalyn King

End of Box 5


Series V

Box 6

File 1 – Map of Africa

File 2 – Map of the Alps

File 3 – Maps of America A-C

File 4 – Maps of America D-M

File 5 – Maps of America N-O

File 6 – Maps of America P-W

File 7 – Map of Antarctica

File 8 – Map of China

File 9 – Maps of the Constellation

File 10- Map of the Middle East

File 11- Map of the Nile Valley

File 12- Maps of Oceans

File 13- Map of Spain

File 14- Map of Vietnam

File 15- Map of the Top of the World and U.S.S.R.

File 16- Maps of the Worlds Whales

File 17- National Geographic World Maps

End of Box 6

End of Series V

End of Collection