Stanley Russ was born in Conway, Arkansas on August 31, 1930.  He was educated in the Conway Public School System, and after graduating from Conway High School he attended Arkansas Tech University at Russellville, Arkansas from the fall of 1948 through the fall of 1950. He was enrolled at the University of Central Arkansas in the summer of 1949 and again in the spring of 1951. He transferred to the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in the fall of 1951 where he graduated in May 1952 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture.

Mr. Russ was a Korean War Veteran and served in an army artillery division.  He continued to serve in the military as a member of the National Guard and became the Commander of the army unit in Morrilton, Arkansas.  He received an honorable discharge from the army in 1954.

His main source of income came from his insurance business, which was located on Front Street in downtown Conway.  He also was involved in agriculture and raised cattle.  Mr. Russ became Senator Russ when he was elected to the Arkansas State Senate in 1974.  He replaced Mutt Jones, another long-time State Senator from Conway.

Senator Russ served in the Arkansas Senate from 1975 to 1999.  During this lengthy period, Senator Russ became the third ranking Senator.  In addition, he was the President Pro Temp of the Senate from 1995 to 1997.  He was the Majority Leader in 1997.  He served on the following committees during his career as a State Senator, Chairman of the Joint Budget Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Insurance and Commerce Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Education Commission of the States, member of the Efficiency Committee, member of the Joint Committee on Energy, member of the Joint Legislative Facilities, and member of the Education Committee.

Senator Russ was also a member of the following civic organizations: Faulkner County United Way- Past President, Conway Kiwanis Club-Past President, Conway Chamber of Commerce-Past President, Arkansas Cattlemen-s Association, Faulkner County Farm Bureau, Future Farmers of America-Past President, Conway Corporation-Past Director, Boy Scouts of America, Foothills District-Past Chairman, and Arkansas Basin Association.

Senator Russ was the recipient of many honors to include the following; Name one of 10 outstanding State Legislature in the U.S. at the Assembly of State Governmental Employees in 1981, honored by the Municipal League for distinguished service in 1985, honored by Arkansas School Boards Association in 1985, received the Distinguished Service Award from the Conway Chamber of Commerce in 1986, he was inducted into the Arkansas Tech Hall of Distinction in 1994, inducted into the U.S. Field Artillery OCS Hall of Fame in Fort Sill-Oklahoma in 1995, awarded an American Farmer Degree from the Future Farmers of America in Kansas City in 1995, awarded Paul Harris Fellow by the Conway Rotary Club in 1997, received the Counseling Associates Community

Leadership Award in 1996, and received the Faulkner County Leadership Award by the Faulkner County Leadership Institute in 1997.

Senator Russ was also a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors for the Arkansas Livestock Show Association, a member of the Board of Directors of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation of Centerville - MA, elected Chairman of the Center for Legislative Energy and Environmental Research, a member of the Legislative Advisory Council, Southern Regional Education Board, and was selected as one of only 30 state politicians throughout the United States to attend the National Education Summit as a resource person on educational issues in Palisades, New York in May 1996.

He is married to Nina Russ and they have two children, Stanley Russ Jr. and Debbie Russ-Merritt.

The bulk of the Stanley Russ Collection consists of printed materials, personal and professional correspondence during his tenure in the Arkansas State Senate.  The collection also contains a significant amount of correspondence between Senator Russ and former Governor former US President Bill Clinton.

Note: When requesting material, please specify the collection number (M98-8), the box number, and the file number.

Tracings:  Arkansas - Politics and Government; Arkansas - Educational Law and Legislation; Arkansas - Governor (1979-1981: Clinton), Correspondence; Arkansas - Governor (1983-1992: Clinton), Correspondence; United States - President (1993-:  Clinton), Correspondence; Russ, Stanley; Stanley Russ - Correspondence (1930); Books; The Book of the States published by the Council of State Governments; Historical Report of the Arkansas Secretary of State by Sharon Priest; Alaska On My Mind; Parliamentary Manual of the Senate; The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes

Photograph Tracings:  Senator Stanley Russ; Governor Bill Clinton; President Bill Clinton; Governor Mike Huckabee


Box 1

File 1 - UCA Contacts covering donation of Stanley Russ Papers (Sept. 15, 1998)

File 2 - Scripture, prayer guide, and correspondence concerning religious matters (1991)

File 3 - Awards and certificates (1948-1949)

File 4 - Newspaper clippings of 19-year-old Stanley Russ in College (1949-1950)

File 5 - Awards and certificates (1950-s- 1960-s)

File 6 - Army Records (Jul. 7, 1952 - Sept. 8, 1961)

File 7 - First pyramid life insurance business correspondence (1963)

File 8 - Conway Chamber of Commerce (1968 & 1961)

File 9 - Correspondence (1960-s)

File 10- Awards and certificates (1970-s)

File 11- Announcement for Senate Candidate (Nov. 26, 1974)

File 12- Contribution letters (1974-1978)

File 13- Congratulations letters (Dec. 4, 1974- Sept. 25, 1975)

File 14- State Senate Campaign (1975)

File 15- Poem, "The Election of '75" celebrating Stanley Russ winning the election (1975)

File 16- Stanley Russ' position on the issues (1975)

File 17- Meeting of the Education Commission of the States; background materials, by-laws, correspondence, etc. (1975-1995)

File 18- Southwestern life insurance company correspondences (Oct. 1975- Aug. 1979)

File 19- Senator Stanley Russ sponsored Bills (1975-1983)

File 20- Judicial Apportionments (1976-1984)

File 21A- "TEL" (The Election Laws Institute, Inc.) Quarterly Newsletter, Vol. 1 #1, on page 4 see Act 114 -Pollwatchers Law- (Aug. 25, 1977)

File 21B- Newsweek Magazine, article on page 13 reads "Congressman Wilbur Mills-Ark. State Senator Stanley Russ" (Dec. 19, 1977)

File 22- Campaign plan for Stanley Russ for Congress (1978)

File 23- Stanley Russ' Call List (1978)

File 24- Correspondences (1970-s)

File 25- News Clippings (1970-s)

File 26- Retirement Study Commission (1982-1998)

File 27- Arkansas Developmental Disabilities Services, 25-year celebration (1959-1984)

File 28- "Bangs" Information (1984)

File 29- Research (1984)

File 30- Stanley Russ for U.S. Congress Candidate (1984)

File 31- AHD Fish Fry, Faulkner County Highway Commission Fish Fry (1985)

File 32- First State Bank and Trust Company Ads (1985)

File 33- IMPAC - Industrial Microcomputer Project for Arkansas Classrooms (1985)

File 34- Research on Litter Legislation, File #1 (1988-1993)

File 35- Research on Litter Legislation, File #2 (1993)

File 36- 78th General Assembly with Senator Stanley Russ, File #1 (1989-1991)

File 37- 78th General Assembly with Senator Stanley Russ, File #2 (1991)

File 38- U.S. and State Constitutional Officers and members of the 1989 Arkansas General Assembly

File 39- Legislative Directories (1989-1994)

File 40- Correspondences of donations of Caboose to City of Conway by Union Pacific Railroad Company (1989)

File 41- Legislation (1970's- 1980s)

File 42- Awards and certificates (1980's)

File 43- Correspondences (1980's)

File 44- Newspaper Clippings (1980's)

End of Box 1


Box 2

File 1 - Friendship Community, "A Reflection of the Past - A Vision of the Future" (1990)

File 2 - "Reinventing America's Schools" Vol. 1 by Kathi Hudson (1992)

File 3 - "Places in Times" A guide to Arkansas properties on the National Register of Historic Places (Oct. 1992) and Arkansas Historic Preservation Program - A Guide to Services (1977)

File 4 - Reel tape about Stanley Russ (undated)

File 5 - Sign, "Welcome to the Natural State, Home of President Bill Clinton" (1993)

File 6 - Senator Stanley Russ - Vice Chairman of Education Commission of the States (1993)

File 7 - Education Commission of the States Meeting in Huntsville, Alabama (Nov. 1993)

File 8 - Education Commissions of the States, Fall Steering Committee Meeting in Huntsville, Alabama (Nov. 18-20, 1993)

File 9 - Building Communities to Support Education Reform National Forum and Annual Meeting, ECS (1994)

File 10- APEC, Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation Briefing Book (Nov. 1994)

File 11- APEC, Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Jakarta, Indonesia (Nov. 1994)

File 12- Newspaper coverage of a trip to Indonesia (1994)

File 13- Taiwan correspondence and newspaper clippings (1994-1998)

File 14- State of Arkansas Bureau of Legislative Research (Mar. 25, 1994)

File 15- "Goals 2000" Celebration at the White House (May 16, 1994)

File 16- "There Oughta Be A Law" A Manual for Arkansas Legislators (1994)

File 17- Stanley Russ- President Pro Temp Speeches (Jan. 9, 1995)

File 18- Acting Governor-Stanley Russ (May 24, 1995)

File 19- First Lieutenant Otis Stanley Russ- induction into the U.S. Field Artillery Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame (May 26, 1995)

File 20- The National Education Goals Report (1995)

File 21- Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists Membership Directory (1995-1996)

File 22- Governor Tommy G. Thompson of Wisconsin, correspondence (1995-1997)

File 23- Parliamentary Manual of the Senates Eighty-First General Assembly of the State of Arkansas (1995-1997)

File 24- Legislative Correspondences (1995-1998)

File 25- Correspondences (1991-1996)

End of Box 2


Box 3

File 1 - National Educational Summit (1996)

File 2 - State Legislative Leaders Foundation (1996)

File 3 - Acting Governor Stanley Russ (Nov. 19, 1996)

File 4 - Florida License Plates "GO-2-LPC" (Nov. 23-26, 1996)

File 5 - "Informed Legislatures: Coping with Science in Democracy" by Megan Jones, David H.Guston, and Lewis M. Branscomb (1996)

File 6 - National Education Summit's Directory of Resource Participants (1996)

File 7 - National Education Summit's Directory of Business Leaders (1996)

File 8 - Arkansas Times, article concerning Governor Jim Guy Tucker's Conviction (May 1996)

File 9 - Requests for Attorney General's Opinion on Succession to the Office of Governor (Jul. 15, 1996)

File 10- Proclamation of Acting Governor Stanley Russ (Nov. 20, 1996)

File 11- Leadership Forum / Board Meeting in Sundance, Utah (Dec. 6-8, 1996)

File 12- Affirmation of Stanley Russ to Senate (Jan. 1, 1997)

File 13- Invitation to President Clinton-s second Inaugural (Jan. 18, 1997)

File 14- Senate bills supported or sponsored by Senator Stanley Russ (1975-1997)

File 15- Conway Rotary Club-s Paul Harris Fellow Award (1997)

File 16- "The Arkansas Moody gram" Vol. 2 #4 (Jun. 1997)

File 17- State Legislatives Leaders Foundation Leadership Forum in Italy (Jul. 5-11, 1997)

File 18- Correspondence concerning Indiana Univ.-s basketball coach Bobby Knight (Sept. 1997)

File 19- Taiwan Trip (Oct. 7-12, 1997)

File 20- Centers for Legislative Energy and Environmental Research- CLEER (1997-1998)

File 21- Economic Impacts of Arkansas Volunteers (1997)

File 22- Senate Social Services Committee Report in New York State (1997-1998)

File 23- Correspondences (1996-1999)

Item 1 - Scrapbook of Senator Stanley Russ- visit to Taiwan, The scrapbook is compliments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of China (1997)

End of Box 3


Box 4

File 1 - Arkansas State Highway Map, and the Metroplan Annual Report (1998)

File 2 - Arkansas Agriculture Statistics (1998)

File 3 - RISO Education Program (1998)

File 4 - Health Affairs: Assessing the New Federalism State Health and Welfare Reform, Vol. 17 #3 (May-Jun. 1998)

File 5 - March of Dimes Campaign Fund Raiser (1998)

File 6 - AHCPR, Federal Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (1998)

File 7 - "Policy Council" published semiannually by the Counsel for National Policy (Fall 1998)

File 8 - Managing accountability in Medicaid Managed Care: A Pilot Study (Nov. 18, 1998)

File 9 - National Conferences of State Legislatures Fax Sheets (Oct.- Dec. 1998)

File 10- Report card on American Education (1976-1998)

File 11- The Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society, Vol. 95 #7 (Dec. 1998)

File 12- Regional Resources, The Council of State Governments (Dec. 1998)

File 13- The Book of States, Vol. 32 (1998-1999)

File 14- Historical Report of the Arkansas Secretary of State-Sharon Priest (1998)

File 15- The White House Fax Transmission Sheets (1998)

File 16- Correspondences (1998)

File 17- Governor Mike Huckabee's Arkansas Agenda for the 82nd General Assembly (Jan. 1999)

File 18- Arkansas Municipal Officials Directory (1999)

File 19- "Meet Alaska 1999" a brochure about the Hilton Anchorage Hotel, Arkansas Senate Majority Leader-Stanley Russ addresses the Alaska Energy Summit (1999)

File 20- Alaska On My Mind a gift from the Alaska Support Industry Board of Directors (Feb. 1999)

File 21- The Ethics Progress in State Legislatures-Disciplining members in a public forum (1999)

File 22- Brochures, "Agenda 99, A New Vision for America" (1999)

File 23- "Children First", Children Educational Opportunity Foundation of America (spring 1999)

File 24- Ford Foundation Annual Report (1999)

File 25- Parliamentary Manual of the Senate for the 80th General Assembly for the State of Arkansas, Senator Stanley Russ-President Pro Tempore of the State (undated)

File 26- Senate memory book of Stanley Russ

File 27- The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes by Lori Reid (c. 1997)

End of Box 4


Box 5

File 1 - March of Dimes data book for policy makers; Maternal, Infant, and Child Health in the United States (1999)

File 2 - "Privatization 1999" the 13th Annual Report on Privatization (1999)

File 3 - Rockefeller Reports, "Is There a Link Between Welfare Reform and Teenage Pregnancy?" (Apr. 2, 1999)

File 4 - Sino American Relations, Vol 25 #1-An International Quarterly (spring 1999)

File 5 - "Trust", Vol 2 #2 published quarterly by the Pew Charitable Trusts (spring 1999)

File 6 - Newsletter, "Consulate General of the People's Republic of China" concerning NATO Forces (May 7, 1999)

File 7 - Legislation (1990's)

File 8 - Awards and Certificates (1990's)

File 9 - Correspondence (1999)

File 10- The White House Fax Transmission Sheets (1999)

File 11- Newspaper Clippings (1990's)

File 12- 'The Story of the Arkansas Flag" provided by Sharon Priest-Secretary of State (undated)

File 13- Sheet music, "The Official Arkansas Waltz" by Cletus Jones

File 14- Photos, Family and Childhood

Env 1 - Arkansas State Livestock Show (c. 1945 or 1946)

Env 2 - Stanley Russ in high school with prize winning cow (c. 1947-1948)

Env 3 - Stanley Russ on high school trip to Hot Springs (1948)

Env 4 - Miss Nina Benton (1948)

Env 5 - Stanley Russ (1949)

Env 6 - Young Stanley Russ (1949-1950)

Env 7 - Nina Benton-Russ and Stanley Russ' wedding photo (Feb. 2, 1951)

Env 8 - Nina Benton-Russ receiving ASTC Degree from Pres. Nolen Irby (1951)

Env 9 - Stanley Russ at Southland Life Insurance Company (1957)

Env 10- Stanley Russ- Sisters, Laura and Joann. Stanley Russ' Father, O.S. Russ Sr. (1961)

Env 11- Nina & Stanley Russ (1961)

Env 12- Stanley & Nina Russ (1961)

Env 13- Stanley Russ and Dad-O.S. Russ (undated)

Env 14- Russ Family; Debbie-daughter, Stan-son, Nina-wife, and Stan (1967)

Env 15- Russ Family Photo; Stanley, Nina, Debbie, and Stan Jr. (undated)

Env 16- Stanley Russ at Will Rogers Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma wearing Will's hat and trying to strike a Will Rogers pose (1996)

Env 17- Autographed photo from Will Rogers Museum (1996)

Env 18- Senator Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 19- Senator Stanley Russ (circa 1984)

Env 20- Nina & Stanley Russ Family Photo in Denver, Colorado (1995)

Env 21- Stanley & Nina Russ visit Kentucky basketball coach Eddie Sutton (undated)

Env 22- Stanley Russ & grandchildren, Russ Merritt & Kaitlin Russ in Conway, AR (Dec. 1994)

Env 23- Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 24- Stanley & Nina Russ (undated)

Env 25- Nina & Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 26- Nina Russ (undated)

Env 27- Mrs. Stanley (Nina) Russ (undated)

Env 28- Stanley & Nina Russ (1999)

File 15- Photos, Military

Env 1 - Stanley Russ during basic training in Camp Chaffee, Arkansas (Summer 1952)

Env 2 - Nina & Stanley Russ at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas (1952)

Env 3 - Stanley & Nina Russ at Fort Sill, Oklahoma (1953)

Env 4 - 2nd Lieutenant Otis Stanley Russ at Fort Sill, Oklahoma (1953)

Env 5 - 2nd Lieutenant Stanley Russ at Fort Sill, Oklahoma (1953)

Env 6 - 2nd Lieutenant Stanley Russ with puppy and red Buick in Lawton, Oklahoma while in the military at Fort Sill, Oklahoma (1953-1954)

Env 7 - Military police, Stanley Russ is 2nd from the left in the front row (undated)

Env 8A- 1st Lieutenant Otis Stanley Russ, Class 38-53 at Fort Sill (May 26, 1995)

Env 8B- 1st Lieutenant Stanley Russ induction into O.C.S. Hall of Fame at Fort Sill, Oklahoma (May 26, 1995)

Env 9 - Artillery Officers Candidate School, Stanley Russ #7 from right-4th row (undated)

Env 10- Senator Bill Stephens (L), Senator Stanley Russ (R) at the National Guard Building (undated)

File 16- Photos, Insurance Agents

Env 1 - Nina & Stanley Russ receiving an award for Southland Life Insurance Sales from Forest Fuller-Agency Manager (1954)

Env 2 - Insurance Agents (Aug. 1966)

Env 3 - Insurance Agents (Aug. 1966)

File 17- Photos, Senator Stanley Russ

Env 1 - Signing of poll watcher bill, 71st General Assembly (1977)

Env 2 - Senator Stanley Russ and Family at the Arkansas State Capitol (Jan. 1975)

Env 3 - Joey Baker and Senator Stanley Russ campaign for Congress 2nd District (1984)

Env 4 - Senator Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 5 - Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 6 - Senator Stanley Russ at work (undated)

Env 7 - Senator Russ walking down the steps after exiting the Senate Chamber

Env 8 - Keynote Speaker, Senator Stanley Russ at Conway Regional Hospital (undated)

Env 9 - Senator Russ receiving Appreciation plaque from AR Chiropractic Assoc. (Dec. 12, 1984)

Env 10- Senator Russ receiving plaque from AR Municipal League in N. Little Rock (Jun. 20, 1997)

Env 11- Acting Governor Stanley Russ and Supreme Court Judge Ray Thornton in the Governors Conference Room (Nov. 20, 1996)

Env 12- Senator Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 13- Governor Mike Huckabee (5th from R) and Senator Russ (2nd from R) (undated)

Env 14- Senator Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 15- Senator Russ addressing Arkansas State Council on Economic Education (undated)

Env 16- L to R, Senator Bill Moore, Senator Stanley Russ, and Senator Mike Beebe

Env 17- Senator Russ (undated)

Env 18- Acting Governor Stanley Russ with Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Nick Bacon (Nov. 20, 1996)

Env 19- President Pro Temp Dinner presented by Don Bingham (Oct. 18, 1995)

Env 20- Senator Stanley Russ and Joe T. Ford (Nov. 1981)

Env 21- Senator Stanley Russ and Rev. Jim Beal (1983)

Env 22- Monday Night Stanley Russ Roast (Nov. 1983)

Env 23- V.F.W. Meeting, Stanley Russ-2nd from r, Bill Stephens-1st on r (undated)

Env 24- Stanley Russ speaking to veterans group (Nov. 1983)

Env 25- Senator Stanley Russ at work (undated)

Env 26- Senator Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 27- Senator Stanley Russ at an Economic Education Meeting (undated)

Env 28- Senator and Mrs. Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 29- Marlin Jackson and Senator Russ with a note from Howard Young (undated)

Env 30- Senator Stanley Russ at Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Dec. 1998)

Env 31- Senator Stanley Russ taking part in a simulated terrorist attack (June 1992)

Env 32- Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 33- "Supporter" (undated)

File 18A- Photo, Senator Russ and Governor David Pryor

Env 1 - AR High School Rodeo Association, All Around Cowboy-Cowgirl Champion (1977)

File 18B- Photos, Senator Stanley Russ and Governor Bill Clinton

Env 1A- Governor Bill Clinton signing (undated)

Env 1B- President Bill Clinton greeting Senator Stanley Russ (Nov. 1994)

Env 2A- Governor Bill Clinton signing (undated)

Env 2B- Governor Bill Clinton signing (undated)

Env 3 - Senator Stanley Russ and Governor Bill Clinton (undated)

Env 4 - Senator Stanley Russ and Governor Bill Clinton (undated)

Env 5 - Senator Stanley Russ, Governor Bill Clinton, and Rep. Bill Stephens

Env 6 - Senator Stanley Russ, Governor Bill Clinton, and Rep. Bill Stephens

Env 7 - Senator Stanley Russ and Governor Bill Clinton

File 18C- Photos, Governor Jim Guy Tucker

Env 1 - (1) Senator Russ and Governor & Mrs. Jim Guy Tucker (2) Governor Tucker and Senator Russ

Env 2 - Senator Stanley Russ and Governor Jim Guy Tucker

File 18D- Photo, Senator Russ and Governor Mike Huckabee

Env 1 - Governor Mike Huckabee and Legislators in front of Arkansas State Capitol Building (1998)

File 19- Photos, Arkansas State Capitol Building

Env 1 - Arkansas State Capitol Building in Little Rock (Jun. 2, 1985)

Env 2 - Arkansas State Capitol (1995)

File 20- Senator Russ and President Bill Clinton (1992-1994) and copies of letters from Bill Clinton (1978-1998)

Env 1 - Election Night in downtown Little Rock (Nov. 3, 1992)

Env 2 - President elect Bill Clinton two days after his election and Senator Stanley Russ in the Arkansas Senate Chamber (Nov. 5, 1992)

Env 3 - Arkansas Group with President Clinton on White House Lawn (May 1994)

File 21- Invitations to attend the Inauguration of William Jefferson Clinton as President of the United States (Jan. 20, 1993 & 1997)

File 22- Newspaper clippings of Senator Russ and Governor/President Clinton (undated)

File 23- Photos, Senator Stanley Russ- Trip Abroad (1994-1997-1998)

Env 1A- Senator Stanley Russ receiving gift in Jakarta, Indonesia (Nov. 13-17, 1994)

Env 1B- Senator and Mrs. Stanley Russ greeting Indonesia Dignitary (Nov. 13-17, 1994)

Env 2 - Mrs. Soedirja, the Governor's wife and Senator Russ (Nov. 1994)

Env 3 - Senator Russ & Nina Russ, Senator Cassady and Nina Cassady (Nov. 1994)

Env 4 - Venice, Italy (Jul. 9, 1997)

Env 5 - Miscellaneous color photos

Env 6 - Rome, Italy with Nina and Stanley Russ with parasol made by a local craftsman.

Env 7 - Alaska Trip (Sept. 1997)

Env 8 - Senator and Mrs. Stanley Russ in Chiang Kai Shek Car in Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan (Oct. 8, 1997)

File 24- U.C.A. / AETN Announcement

Env 1 - Governor Mike Huckabee-left, and Senator Stanley Russ-podium, and UCA President Win Thompson-far right (undated)

Env 2 - President Bill Clinton greeting Mrs. Stanley Russ (Nov. 1994)

Env 3 - President Bill Clinton greeting Senator Stanley Russ (Nov. 1994)

Env 4 - Senator Stanley Russ-front, Governor Mike Huckabee-center, and AETN Director Susan Howorth-right (undated)

Env 5 - Senator Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 6 - Senator Stanley Russ-front left, Governor Mike Huckabee-by flag, and AETN Director Susan Howorth (undated)

Env 7 - Governor Mike Huckabee and Senator Stanley Russ (undated)

Env 8 - Senator Stanley Russ-center (undated)

Env 9 - Senator Stanley Russ, Governor Mike Huckabee, Director of AETN Susan Howorth, UCA President Win Thompson, and friends

Env 10 - Stanley Russ at meeting at UCA (undated)

Env 11- Senator Stanley Russ, Mrs. Jane Krutz-Building Manager, and Governor Mike Huckabee

(Oct. 1998)

File 25- Miscellaneous

End of Box 5


Box 6

File 1 - Videotape of Senator Stanley Russ- Roast for STOPCDV (undated)

File 2 - Videotape of Stanley Russ Family (circa 1962)

File 3 - Videotape of Governor Mike Huckabee-s tribute to Senator Stanley Russ (Oct. 4, 2000)

File 4 - Videotape of Bill Clinton in Senate day after election (1990-s)

File 5 - Miscellaneous projector slides

File 6 - School Laws of Arkansas: Acts of 1999, Vol 1-2 (1999)

File 7 - Senate Citation for Leadership of ACMI and IMPAC (Jun. 7, 1999)

File 8 - Fact book on higher education from the Southern Regional Education Board (1998-1999)

File 9 - Directory of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (1999-2000)

End of Box 6


Box 7

File 1 - Official Calendar, Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution (1988)

File 2 - State of Arkansas Senate Legislative Manual (1994)

File 3 - State Legislative Leaders: Keys to Effective Legislation for Children and Families (Mar. 21-24, 1996)

File 4 - Pre-Summit Briefing Material for the National Education Summit (Mar. 26-27, 1996)

File 5 - National Education Summit Material (Mar. 26-27, 1996)

End of Box 7


Box 8

File 1 - Scrapbook, Business Achievements and Cattle Awards Ribbons (undated)

File 2 - Scrapbook, Senate (1975)

File 3 - Scrapbook, Senate (1975)

File 4 - Scrapbook, Congressional Race (1978)

File 5 - Arkansas Election Laws (Dec. 1998)

File 6 - United State Field Artillery Association a Pictorial Series on Field Artillery (1998)

File 7 - Valley Forge Life Insurance Company, 11 x 15 prints

End of Box 8


Box 9

File 1 - Arkansas State Teachers College Scroll (1948)

File 2 - The cache River Project (1978)

File 3 - Letters from students at Julia Lee Moore School, Conway, Faulkner Co., AR (1986)

File 4 - Letters from students at Rose Bud School, White Co. AR (1988)

File 5 - Correspondence from Mr. Witt Stephens (1980s-1990s)

File 6 - Letters from 5th grade students at Greenbrier, Faulkner Co., AR (1992)

File 7 - Aerospace Education Center Project (1993)

File 8 - Letters from students from an unidentified School (1995)

File 9 - Letters from students at Mayflower School, Faulkner Co., AR (1995)

File 10- Letters from Students at Greenbrier Middle School, Faulkner Co., AR (1996)

File 11- Letters from Students at Sally Cone Elementary Conway, Faulkner Co., AR (1997)

File 12- Newspaper Articles (2000- )

File 13- Correspondence (2000- )

File 14- Log Cabin Democrat Newspaper article on Russ retirement (January 8 2001)

File 15- Confidential Campaign Plan for Stanley Russ from Congress

File 16- Thank You Letters

File 17- Letters from Student at West Side School, Cleburn Co., AR

File 18- Kikas Indonesia Trip

File 19- Photo B/W Conway Co. Sheriff Marlin Hawkens, Morrilton, AR

File 20- S.B. 470 Broadcast Rights fro Razor back Games (Became Act 599 of 1981 - Codifies 6-64-104)

File 21- Stanley Russ Speeches

File 22- State of Arkansas Senate News Release

File 23- Stanley Russ Hall Dedication Articles - April 17, 2002

File 24- Search process of Board of Trustees and Presidents of a College

File 25 - SREB (Southern Regional Education Board) - 1 Fact Book on Higher  Education, June 2003 - 1 - "Arkansas: Featured Facts" - June 2003

File 26 - SREB (Southern Regional Education Board)  - 1 - Arkansas: Featured  Facts - June 2005

File 27 - Newspaper -Former Senator Stanley Russ Leaves Halter Building after 40 Years.-  March 12, 2006

End of Box 9

End of Collection