The Saint Francis Levee District was established on March 21, 1893.  Included were the counties of Crittenden, Cross, Lee, Mississippi, Phillips, Poinsett and Saint Francis.  Districts such as this were created in the aftermath of the establishment of the national Mississippi River Commission in 1897.  These local districts were empowered to raise fund to build and maintain levees.

Over time this District became one of the most powerful economic and political influences in the state.  In 1913 the District exerted it influence on behalf of George W. Hays’ gubernatorial campaign.  Later, during the administration of Governor Charles H. Brough, Levee district commissioners were elected.

Gradually the District has lost its political power, but it remains an important economic force in northeast Arkansas.


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File 1 – Annual Report, 1913

File 2 – Annual Reports, 1960-1969

File 3 – Annual Reports, 1970-1979

File 4 – Annual Reports, 1980-1989

File 5 – Annual Reports, 1990-1999

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