The Cochran Family Papers form a collection of family correspondence, business and legal documents pertaining to the Cochran Family, the H.D. Cochran Company, and John Hancock Haney’s Civil War diary.

Harry King Cochran was born November 20, 1853, in Staunton, Virginia.  He came to Little Rock in 1881 and four years later went into business for himself as a commission merchant and merchandise broker of flour, grain, and feed.  In 1884 he married Irene Haney, sister of Captain John Hancock Haney.  They had four sons:  Samuel Adams, Harry King, John Claiborne, and Joseph Haney.  While Joseph Haney Cochran went on to serve in World War I, Samuel Adams Cochran, the father of Foster Cochran, became a prominent Little Rock photographs.

The family correspondence dates from the early 1920’s through the early 1950’s, offering a glimpse of family life during this period.  The business and legal documents pertain mainly to the H.K. Cochran Company.  There are also two typed transcripts of John Hancock Haney’s Civil War diary for the year 1861, offering a description of life in Little Rock during that time.

Arrangement:  This collection is arranged by subject in 17 files and one artifact box within one document box.


Box 1

File 1 – Joseph Haney Cochran and Bess Couch Cochran wedding congratulations and telegrams, Feb. 1928

File 2 – Telegrams of condolence on death of Hal Cochran, Oct. 1946, and Memorial Service Guest Book

File 3 – Bess Couch Cochran letters (mostly to Joseph Haney Cochran), 1924-1950

File 4 – General Correspondence

File 5 – John Hancock Haney Diary, 1861

File 6 – Cards and Mementos

File 7 – Allen Hatter Documents, 1921-1925

File 8 – H.K. Cochran personal history and business documents of H.K. Cochran Company, 1902-1959

File 9 – Irene H. and H.K. Cochran Real Estate Documents, 1881-1938

File 10- Various Deeds, 1902-1940

File 11- J.A. Couch- Harvey C. Couch Correspondence, 1925-1929

File 12- Various Documents, 1859-1940

File 13- Military Documents, Joseph H. Cochran (WWI)

File 14- Newspaper Clippings (WWI item and obituaries)

File 15- Family Photographs, 1866-1919

File 16- Family Photographs, 1920-1950

File 17- Family Photographs, 1950-1970’s

File 18- Box containing H.K. Cochran Company Stock, 1912-1947

End of Box 1

End of Collection