This collection contains the documentation resulting from the Arkansas Historic Bridge Inventory, conducted by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department and the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program in 1988.  The records became a part of the Historic American Engineering Record of the National Park Service, Department of the Interior.

The typical inventory consists of a one-page summation of the bridge, followed by a narrative.  This narrative includes a statement on the history of the bridge, data on the engineering involved, as well as the construction.  This narrative is documented with endnotes and a bibliography.  Engineering drawings and photographs are included on most of the bridges.  Note: Each bridge was given a unique identifying number by the Historic American Engineering Record (e.g. HAER No. AR-6).

This collection consists of photocopies of the originals.  The originals are housed at the National Park Service and at the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department in Little Rock.

Arrangement:  When donated this collection originally measured approximately .7 cubic feet and consisted of materials from Arkansas Historic Bridge Inventory in 1988.  This collection is contained in 3 boxes.  Each bridge record is filed according to the HAER number.  When requesting materials from this collection, please specify collection number [M93-10], box number, and the file number.

Tracings: Bridges – Baxter County
Bridges – Benton County
Bridges – Calhoun County
Bridges – Carroll County
Bridges – Cleburne County
Bridges – Conway County
Bridges – Crawford County
Bridges – Craighead County
Bridges – Garland County
Bridges – Green County
Bridges – Hot Springs County
Bridges – Independence County
Bridges – Jackson County
Bridges – Jefferson County
Bridges – Johnson County
Bridges – Lawrence County
Bridges – Logan County
Bridges – Monroe County
Bridges – Newton County
Bridges – Perry County
Bridges – Phillips County
Bridges – Polk County
Bridges – Pulaski County
Bridges – Randolph County
Bridges – Saline County
Bridges – Sebastian County
Bridges – Sevier County
Bridges – Union County
Bridges – Van Buren County
Bridges – Washington County
Bridges – Yell County
Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department

National Park Service


Box 1

File 1 – Background data

File 2 – Lincoln Avenue Viaduct, Pulaski County, HAER-AR-6

File 3 – Saline River Bridge, Benton County, HAER-AR-7

File 4 – Black River Bridge, Randolph County, HAER-AR-8

File 5 – Harp Creek Bridge, Newton County, HAER-AR-9

File 6 – North Fork Bridge, Baxter County, HAER-AR-10

File 7 – Newport Bridge, Jackson County, HAER-AR-12

File 8 – Augusta Bridge, HAER-AR-13

File 9 – Red River Bridge, HAER-AR-14

File 10- Cotter Bridge, Baxter County, HAER-AR-15

File 11- Eight Mile Creek Bridge, Green County, HAER-AR-17

File 12- St. Francis River Bridge, Craighead County, HAER-AR-18

File 13- Ouachita River Bridge, Calhoun-Union County Line, HAER-AR-19

File 14- Madison Bridge, St. Francis County, HAER-AR-20

File 15- White River Bridge, Prairie County, HAER-AR-21

File 16- Big Piney Creek Bridge, Johnson County, HAER-AR-22

File 17- Buffalo River (Pruitt Bridge), Newton County, HAER-AR-23

File 18- Lee Creek Bridge (No. 1), Crawford County, HAER-AR-24

File 19- Cache River Bridge, Lawrence-Green County Line, HAER-AR-25

End of Box 1


Box 2

File 1 – Imboden Bridge, Lawrence-Randolph County Line, HAER-AR-26

File 2 – Southfork Bridge, Garland County, HAER-AR-27

File 3 – Illinois River Bridge, Benton County, HAER-AR-28

File 4 – Spavinaw Creek Bridge, Benton County, HAER-AR-29

File 5 – Osage Creek Bridge, Benton County, HAER-AR-30

File 6 – Cedar Creek Bridge, Conway County, HAER-AR-31

File 7 – Springfield, Des Arc Bridge, Conway-Faulkner County Line, HAER-AR-32

File 8 – Cypress Creek Bridge, Perry County, HAER-AR-33

File 9 – Mountain Fork Bridge, Polk County, HAER-AR-34

File 10- Little Cossatot River Bridge, Sevier County, HAER-AR-35

File 11- Spring Lake Bridge, Yell County, HAER-AR-36

File 12- Achmun Creek Bridge, Yell County, HAER-AR-37

File 13- Wyman Bridge, Washington County, HAER-AR-38

File 14- Lake No. 1 Bridge, Pulaski County, HAER-AR-39

File 15- Edgemere Street Bridge, Pulaski County, HAER-AR-40

File 16- Second Street Bridge, Pulaski County, HAER-AR-41

File 17- 14th Street Bridge, Pulaski County, HAER-AR-42

File 18- Mulladay Hollow Bridge, Carroll County, HAER-AR-43

File 19- Little Missouri River Bridge, Clark County, HAER-AR-44

File 20- Lee Creek Bridge, Crawford County, HAER-AR-45

File 21- Old River Bridge, Saline County, HAER-AR-46

File 22- Rockport Bridge, Hot Springs County, HAER-AR-47

File 23- Winkley Bridge, Cleburne County, HAER-AR-48

File 24- Clarendon Bridge, Monroe County, HAER-AR-49

File 25- War Eagle Bridge, Benton County, HAER-AR-50

File 26- Judsonia Bridge, White County, HAER-AR-51

File 27- Lakeshore Drive Bridge, Pulaski County, HAER-AR-52

File 28- Beaver Bridge, Carroll County, HAER-AR-53

File 29- Jenny Lind Bridge, Sebastian County, HAER-AR-54

File 30- Miltown Bridge, Sebastian County, HAER-AR-55

End of Box 2


Box 3

File 1 – Amboy Overpass #2199, Pulaski County, Site #PU4777, AR-119

File 2 – Cedar Creek Bridge #M2925, Crawford County, Site #CW0150, AR-033

File 3 – Cedar Creek Bridge #14001, Independence County, Site #IN0237, AR-063

File 4 – Coop Creek Bridge #19476, Sebastian County, Site #SB0456, AR-131

File 5 – Cove Creek Bridge #18115, Logan County, Site #LO0050, AR-083

File 6 – Cove Creek Tributary Bridge #18116, Logan County, Site #LO0051, AR-083

File 7 – Craighead County Road 513C Bridge #12149, Craighead County, Site #CG0033, AR-031

File 8 – Crawford County Road 32D Bridge #12189, Crawford County, Site #CW0105, AR-033

File 9 – Fourche LaFave River Bridge #1160, Perry County, Site #PE0064, AR-105

File 10- Frog Bayou Bridge #M2675, Crawford County, Site #CW0160, AR-033

File 11- Hackett Creek Bridge #2224, Sebastian County, Site #SB0453, AR-131

File 12- North Fork Saline River Bridge #2407, Saline County, Site #SA0057, AR-6

File 13- Little Buffalo River Bridge #M2889, Newton County, Site #NW0037, AR-101

File 14- Little Cypress Creek Bridge #15802, Phillips County, Site #PH0164, AR-107

File 15- Petit Jean River Bridge #M3349, Logan County, Site #LO0043, AR-083

File 16- Pulaski County Road 67D Bridge #4068, Pulaski County, Site #PU4775, AR-119

File 17- Pulaski County Road 71D Bridge #16509, Pulaski County, Site #PU4776, AR-119

File 18- Sebastian County Road 4G Bridge #16763, Sebastian County, Site #SB0455, AR-131

File 19- State Highway 96 Bridge #M1701, Sebastian County, Site #SB0457, AR-131

File 20- State Highway 274 Bridge #M2642, Calhoun County, Site #CA0023, AR-013

File 21- Warren Bridge #15767, Phillips County, Site #PH0248, AR-107

File 22- Washington County Road 80F Bridge #17357, Washington County, Site #WA0729, AR-143

File 23- West James Street Overpass #19224, Jefferson County, Site #JE0534, AR-069

File 24- Vache Grasse Creek Bridge #16819, Sebastian County, Site #SB0458, AR-131

File 25- Van Buren County Road 2E Bridge #17264, Van Buren County, Site #VB0005, AR-141

File 26- Galla Creek Bridge, Pope County, AR-115

File 27- Publication: Arkansas Historic Bridge Inventory: Review and Evaluation, Vol. 1-Vol. 2, December 1987-April 1996

End of Box 3

End of Collection