This collection was donated to the Torreyson Library Archives.  It originally measured approximately .3 cubic feet and consisted of materials from 1972-1990’s.  The materials within this collection pertain to libraries in Arkansas.  Included are data on library legislation, library tax elections, the Arkansas Library Association, library censorship issues, and materials to specific libraries.  Also included are a number of statistical publications on libraries.

Arrangement:  This collection is contained in one box and consists of 12 file folders arranged by subject. When requesting materials from this collection, please specify collection number [M93-05] and the file number.


Box 1

File 1 – Right to Privacy materials, 1989-1991

File 2 – Rogers Bond Issue materials, 1991

File 3 – Arkansas Library promotional materials, undated

File 4 – Newspaper clippings: library, 1993

File 5 – Newspaper clippings: Perry County Library, 1993

File 6 – Publication: “The News,” 1993

File 7 – Arkansas Library Association Conferences, 1992

File 8 – Arkansas Library Association Membership Directories, 1988-1991

File 9 – Library censorship materials, 1986-1992

File 10- Publication: “Arkansas- A Long Range Program for Library Development in Arkansas,1972-1977”

File 11- Publication: “Arkansas Library Statistics,” 1983-1987

File 12- Publication: “Arkansas Public Library Statistics,” 1988-1990

End of Box 1

End of Collection