Charles J. Cremeen was a noted leader of the Arkansas environmental movement.  He was born on July 16, 1921 in Woodlawn, Texas.  In 1993, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette published an editorial about Charles Cremeen, it read “A lawyer, organizer, and above all a citizen and lover of Arkansas, Mr. Cremeen was himself a natural resource of this state.”

Mr. Cremeen served in the Civilian conservation Corps during his youth.  He served in the U.S. Army during World War II as well as the Korean War.  He retired from the military in 1970, and settled in Waldron, Arkansas in Scott County.  After his retirement, Mr. Cremeen became active in conservation affairs in Arkansas.  For a time he served as the Director of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation.  He later served as chairman of the Arkansas Chapter of the Sierra Club.

In 1981, Mr. Cremeen received a Bachelors Degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  He then entered the UALR Law School, receiving a law degree in 1984.  Even so, he never actively practiced law.

In 1991 Mr. Cremeen, as President of Arkansas for Environmental Reform, led an effort to reform the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission.  He received many awards for his environmental work.  The Arkansas Conservation Coalition established a new award named in his honor, and honored him as its first recipient.

Mr. Cremeen worked tirelessly to improve the quality of the Arkansas environment.  In March 1992 he was diagnosed with liver cancer.  Approximately one year later he died on January 5, 1993.

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Box 1

File 1 – Biographical sketch and personal materials, 1921-1993

File 2 – Correspondence: Charles J. Cremeen, 1974-1993

File 3 – Correspondence: general conservation, 1990-1992

File 4 – Waldron News: Ouachita Outdoors columns by Chuck Cremeen, 1969-1972

File 5 – Waldron News: Ouachita Outdoors columns by Chuck Cremeen, 1973-1975

File 6 – Waldron News: Ouachita Outdoors columns by Chuck Cremeen, undated

File 7 – Legislative Bills: restructuring and reorganizing of the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission, 1989-1993

File 8 – Newspaper clippings: restructuring and reorganizing of the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission, 1989-1993

File 9 – Sierra Club materials, 1991-1992

File 10- Photographs: Governor Bill Clinton and Senator Albert Gore endorsement by the Sierra Club at Pinnacle Mountain State Park, 1992

File 11- Arkansas Conservation Coalition materials, 1992

File 12- Arkansas Public Policy Panel, Inc. materials, 1992

File 13- Arkansans for Environmental Reform materials, 1990-1993

File 14- Correspondence: Arkansas-White Rivers Containment Structure Project, 1987-1988

File 15- Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Plan for the Arkansas-White Rivers Containment Structure Project, 1988

File 16- Planning Report: “Wetlands and Flood Control Study of the Arkansas River Basin in Arkansas” by J. Calvin Lunceford, June 1992

File 17- Map: Arkansas River Wetlands and Flood Control Reconnaissance Study, June 1992

File 18- Newspaper clippings: Wetlands, 1990-1992

File 19- Scoping Document I for the River Mountain Project (FERC Project No. 10455), October 1992

File 20- Position of the United States Department of Agriculture on reauthorization of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, undated

File 21- Newspaper clippings: Water Projects, 1989-1992

File 22- “Clearcutting in Upland Hardwoods: Panacea or Anathema” by Charles E. McGee, February 1987

File 23- “The Role of National Forest Management in the South” by Dr. John Gray, August 1990

File 24- Briefing papers: Society of American Foresters, Arkansas Division, July 1991

File 25- Handbook: Best Management Practice Guide: Lines for Silviculture, undated

File 26- Newspaper clippings: Forestry, 1990-1992

File 27- Miscellaneous materials: Forestry, 1989-1991

File 28- Legislative Bills: Regulations for Acceptable Methods of Poultry Carcass Disposal, 1989-1992

File 29- Legal Guidelines on Implementation of Laws regarding Regulating Animal Waste, October 1990

File 30- Report: “Impacts of Animal Waste on the Aquatic Environment and Economy of the Upper White River Watershed of Northwest Arkansas” by Skip Halterman, May 1991

File 31- “Regulation No. 5 – Liquid Animal Waste Disposal Systems” published by the Commission on Pollution Control of Ecology, August 1991

File 32- Technical Review Report: “The Impact of Land Application of Poultry Litter and Swine Manure on Ground and Surface Water Quality in Western Arkansas” by Skip Halterman, April 1992

File 33- Report: “An Evaluation of the Arkansas Agricultural Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Prevention and Abatement Program” by Roland Geddes, April 1992

File 34- A Proposal for the Prevention and Abatement of Pollution from Animal Waste Production and Disposal in Arkansas, April 1992

File 35- Report: Surveys of the Arkansas Poultry Producers, July 1992

File 36- Report: Governor’s Animal Waste Task Force, July 1992

File 37- Correspondence: Contract Poultry Growers Association, 1992

File 38- Speech: Frank Corley, President of Poultry Growers Association, undated

File 39- Bulletins and newsletters of the Contract Poultry Growers Association, 1992

File 40- Pennington Farms Inc., Waste Disposal Facility Hearings and Review for Permit, 1991

File 41- Miscellaneous magazine materials: Poultry, 1991-1992

File 42- Newspaper clippings: Animal Waste, 1990-1991

File 43- Newspaper clippings: Animal Waste, 1991-1992

File 44- Newspaper clippings: Toxic Waste, 1992

File 45- Arkansas Acts and Bills, 1991-1992

File 46- Materials on Arkansas elected officials, 1989-1993

File 47- Map: Existing land use in the Little Rock and North Little Rock area, 1978

File 48- Newspaper clippings: Miscellaneous environmental issues, 1989-1991

File 49- Newspaper clippings: Miscellaneous environmental issues, 1992

File 50- Newspaper clippings: Miscellaneous environmental issues, undated

File 51- Miscellaneous materials, 1990-1992

File 52- Miscellaneous materials, undated

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