This is a collection of the writings and memorabilia of Creo A. Jones, an Arkansas writer and amateur historian.  The bulk of the collection consists of the writings of Jones, but many photographs and other materials of historical interest are included.

Creo A. Jones was born October 23, 1909, in the Rocky Valley community of Arkansas, five miles west of Mt. Ida, in the Ouachita Mountains.  His parents were Ira Seward Jones and Ella Mae Tyler Jones.  He attended Mt. Ida Academy, 1926-1927, graduated from high school at Albion High School in Albion, Oklahoma, in 1931, and attended Arkansas Technical College at Russellville for two years.  Jones then taught school for two years in Montgomery County before earning a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 1937.  He devoted the next three years to teaching in Omaha, Arkansas, and to service in the United States Navy.  In 1948 he earned a Master Public Health degree from the University of North Carolina and for the next 34 years he worked as a registered sanitarian for Arkansas State Health Department.  His last 17 years with that department were spent as Director of the Food and Drug Division.  Jones retired in 1975 and lived in the Mt. Ida community.  His brother, J. Fred Jones, served for many years as a judge on the Arkansas Supreme Court.  He wrote several autobiographical pieces about his days in the Ouachita Mountains for the periodical “The Looking Glass,” and he published a book titled “Memoirs of an Ozark Hill Boy.”  Jones passed away in 1996.


Box 1

File 1 – Personal Data

File 2 – Correspondence

File 3 – “Growing Up in These Hills” by Creo A. Jones

File 4 – Writings by Creo A. Jones (1 of 3)

File 5 – Writings by Creo A. Jones (2 of 3)

File 6 – Writings by Creo A. Jones (3 of 3)

File 7 – Handwritten Manuscripts by Creo A. Jones

File 8 – Writings on Public Health by Creo A. Jones

File 9 – Publications

File 10- Letters from “The Looking Glass” Magazine

File 11- Writings by J. Fred Jones

File 12- Newspaper Clippings

File 13- Maps, Mount Ida Quadrangle Arkansas 15 Minute Series (Topographic)

File 14- Photographs

Env 1 – Creo Jones

Env 2 – Fred Jones

Env 3 – Karen Harper

Env 4 – Judsonia Tornado 1952

Env 5 – 1941 family reunion photograph

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